How the Demand for Data Analysis and Visualization Rising Globally?

The famous quotation by the co-founder of American online payments system company PayPal Max Levchin, stating that the world is now awash in data and we are seeing consumers in a lot clearer way, seems to be appropriate with today’s data-driven world.

At present, data has become a vital resource for businesses across the globe. Data is playing a key role in predicting consumer behaviour, improving decision making and analysing market trends. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), businesses spend USD 129 Billion on Big Data and Analytics.

Demand for Data Analysis and Visualization

The companies would be paying around USD 260 Billion by 2022. Ambitious professionals looking for a lucrative career can prefer data visualisation analytics programme.

An insight into the demand for data analysis and visualisation

As we are becoming more digitalised with time, we are significantly contributing to online data. These data are generated on the internet every day. People, businesses, and devices act as data factories generating an incredible amount of data every day.

According to Editor’s Choice report, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. On average, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced by people on a daily basis worldwide. The report also suggests that around 463 exabytes of data will be produced every day by 2025.

Ever wondered where these huge amounts of data are stored? Data from social media platforms, transactions, machines and other sources generatea massive amount of data. These data are in massive volume, which is contributing to the generation of Big Data.

To store a considerable amount of data, data centres are providing code vaults. Colocation companies such as Equinix, GitHub and Cyxtera are providing highly secured space for storing data. Multinational Companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have their own data centres for storing crucial data of their consumers.

These data are stored in a secure and structured manner as it holds immense importance for businesses globally. Companies use Big Data to analyse their target potential customers and market reach. Data analysis, study and research are critical aspects in making decisions for businesses.

Analysing Big Data with traditional data tools is next to impossible. The Business Intelligence (BI) industry uses Tableau, Visme, Looker, Sisense, Qlik Sense, Zoho Analytics, and Domo to analyse Big Data.

Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Statisticians visualise the data, identify patterns and uncover correlations to get a clear opinion based on the data analysis.

According to the Global Data Visualisation Market 2019-2027, the global data visualisation market is projected to grow at 9.00 percent between 2019 to 2027. The data is displaying a positive market trend for businesses worldwide.

The rising demand for data analysis and visualisation globally presents golden opportunities for ambitious professionals looking for lucrative careers.

Pursuing an online diploma in Data Analysis and Visualisation can help you get jobs in leading tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. So, enrol in the programme today for an exciting and challenging career ahead!

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