How Startups Can be More Productive and Efficient

Productivity and success go hand in hand. For startups, being productive now saves money and paves the way for future success. A startup that is unproductive is just bound to fail. So here are several tips to make sure that your startup is productive and efficient:

Ways to Improve Productivity In Your Startup

Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Startup

Invest in Time Saving Software

Tech is the key to securing efficiency in many things. Therefore, it will be well worth it if the startup invests in software, especially the ones that save time. Some of this software are just apps the employees can download for free like Trello, Buffer, and EverNote.

These will help employees get better organized. There are also advanced programs that can help employees in specific departments like accounting and human resources. These programs would cost more, but will be able to reduce the time highly-skilled employees spend on menial tasks.

Hold Fewer Meetings

Meetings are the biggest time wasters at offices. While some meetings are necessary, most meetings are not. If your employees are in the habit of getting together to discuss even the smallest matters, discourage them. These “5 minute” meetings can go on for hours, wasting everyone’s time.

Rather, encourage employees to communicate electronically via Skype or email to find solutions without having to get together and argue. Introduce new communication tools that facilitate better coordination between team members so they can work more efficiently.

Do a Productivity Review Annually

Most companies do self-assessments of productivity levels. But are these accurate and unbiased? A better way to find out whether a startup is actually productive is to get a third-party consultant, like Global Resources LLC, do a company wide review.

A consultant will have the necessary experience and knowledge to tell whether a startup is productive in comparison to other companies of the same size.

Remove Workplace Distractions

Remove Workplace Distractions

The workplace has to promote productivity if employees are expected to work efficiently. Namely, offices should be free of all too common distractions like loud noises, annoying coworkers, or distractions like loud phone calls. Aim to make the workplace better suited for productivity by removing distractions like these.

If the floor plan is open, steps will be needed to keep the phones away from non-customer service employees. Likewise, make the necessary changes so everyone can work in peace.

Projects Should Have Leaders

While it’s progressive to talk about everyone working together in harmony, this is usually not the reality when it comes to business projects. There should be a hierarchy of responsibility.

If a project has no leader, then it will very likely get delayed. Project leaders ensure everyone is doing their job as expected. Without a leader, there will be more bickering and overall confusion. Therefore, make sure all projects have a leader.

Break Down Longer Projects into Shorter Tasks

If there’s a lengthy project planned, it’s best to break it down into shorter tasks employees can accomplish without being overwhelmed. This will help employees keep better track of where the project is headed.

Do one or two of the things listed above to ensure more productivity at your startup. 🙂

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