How Necessary Is Vocabulary In Writing? How To Improve Your Vocabulary?

A mechanic’s tool kit consists of various tools like screws, nuts, screwdrivers, etc., which help them repair damaged pieces. Similarly, a writer also has a tool kit wherein they keep tools like grammar, punctuation, rules, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, etc., which help them enhance the quality of their writing piece.

Vocabulary In Writing

The most important tools of any writer are grammar and vocabulary. While it not only ornaments an article, vocabulary also avoids repetition of words. A reader would not like to read an article that contains the same words multiple times.

Therefore, using comes handy. This free online software will tell you how many times you have used the same word. It also counts the number or characters and words in a text. There is another feature that will tell you how complex or easy to read is your text.

By now, you must have understood the importance of vocabulary. If you are wondering how can you improve yours, follow the steps mentioned below.

1] Read

This is the age-old method, which you must know. Just like practice makes a person perfect, reading makes your word game perfect. The more you read, the more you will come across synonyms of common words, which otherwise seem to be one of their kind.

Additionally, you will also understand the context of the words. So, when you begin writing, you will not use the synonyms of the word in the wrong places. But always make sure to read those works that are authentic, grammatically correct, and of high quality.

2] Always Keep Thesaurus And Dictionary By Your Side

Doing so has become easier than ever, as we all have smartphones with an internet connection. You must be attentive all the time – whether you are in a supermarket, café, school, office, or even your house.

You never know when someone utters an unfamiliar word. Find its meaning as well as its context. Jot it down somewhere. Next, when you start writing, you can include the newly-learned word.

If you do not go out as often or are not surrounded by English-speaking people, you can use thesaurus. It serves as a universe consisting of synonyms and antonyms of words as well as phrases.

3] Watch Movies And Videos

Not everyone likes to read. People love watching videos or movies more, especially those who are always on the move. If you listen carefully to the dialogues, you will come across unfamiliar words. But the key is to watch videos or movies that have complex dialogues.

Now, search the meaning of those words and try to use them in your own sentences. This is perhaps the most entertaining way to keep learning new words.

4] Learn A New Word Everyday 

If you are keen to learn new words, you can download applications, games, software, and tutorials regarding the same. There are thousands of applications dedicated to teaching a new word each day. Put your smartphone to good use.

You can keep a diary where you write those words or hand a calendar in your room where you write a new word against each date. This way, you can easily improve your vocabulary.

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