How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Paying a tip to be it in a restaurant or for the moving services has no standard rules, it is just a way to appreciate the good work done by the professionals in their specific profession.

Tipping is a way to thank the workers for helping you to get your job done. As there is no standard price range to pay the tip yet in moving services maximum people adapt to pay 5% of the total moving cost to the movers as a whole or $20 to the individual service provider.

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

However, if there is someone in the team who pleased or impressed you by his extraordinary efforts than there is no harm in paying little extra to the person who gave more than 100% in their work.

There are also some teams who are commendable as a complete crew, in such cases, you can appreciate them with a handsome amount of tip if you are capable enough.

It is not necessary you pay the tip in terms of cash only. You can also go for small goodies over small tips or just the way you like.

Read the blog below to get different ideas to tip movers.

Different Tips to Tip the Movers

Your movers certainly deserve a tip if:

  • They completed their job on or before time.
  • The driver drove you within the minimum time with safe road and your goods without any kind of damage.
  • The shifting required extra efforts in terms of heavy luggage and climbing up and down the stairs several times.
  • The task was completed in a better way than desired.
  • They helped you with additional things not included in the services.
  • Your luggage was not damaged in any way.

How Much Do I Tip Movers

Now the question may arise How Much to Tip Movers?

  • Greet them with the tip as per your capability and a amount good enough to make them happy for their efforts. Paying cash as a tip can save your time considerably as you don’t have to put any additional efforts at your end.
  • You can also decide the tip amount by paying the amount equivalent to the price for one hour, if you seek hourly services. However it is feasible only for the jobs that lasts for long duration.
  • Tip just need not to be in terms of cash you can also tip movers in the form of a one-time meal or tea or cold drinks anything as per the time of the day and the body requirements. As it is the task that requires a lot of manual work and the team might be tired in between or at the end of the job as per the job specifics.
  • You can also give away your old furniture or any other thing you are not carrying along. This way of tipping is also a good idea if they are interested.
  • The other way out is you get some goodies like a t-shirt or any other thing of their use as a tip.

Final Words:

In short there is no specific definition on paying of a tip, you just can do in accordance to the job done by the team and your budget.

It can be different depending on number of members, time taken by crew to accomplish the job, efforts put by them and other different conditions personalised to different requirements of moving.

Some people are so moved by the services that they pay tip in terms of cash as well as they make them eat the meal if it is a meal time accompanied by tea in evening along with giving them the things that they are not shifting to their new place. So the blog entirely contains different possible idea, you can use them as per your personal choice and customised situation.

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