How Do Gamers Make Money

Online gaming is not just for fun and pleasure but it is also a great way of making a good amount of money. Passionate game players who play games on a daily basis earn money from it.

Now, online gaming is no more wastage of time but is considered a great platform for hardcore players where they can use their gaming skills and can make a good amount of money for their living.

Ways Gamers Earn Money

Want to know how gamers make money? Here are the ways through which they make money through gaming.

Live Streams

In live streams, gamers stream their gameplay in real-time on YouTube (generally) for the entire world to see that gameplay live.

The aim of doing this is to bring a large audience on their channel through which their channel can monetize with ads. With a large audience base on the live stream, gamers earn a good amount of money from advertisements.

Online Casino Games

In terms of making a good amount of money through online games, casino games are one of the best ways where gamers earn a huge amount of money.

Online casino provides a plenty of casino game offers where players meet online and play real-time casino games and earn real cash. Rummy, American Poker, etc. are some of the most popular games which are played in online casinos.

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Beta Game Testing

Hardcore game players play a very important role in the gaming industry. Gamers provide an honest feedback to game developers so that they can make improvisation wherever it is required in any new game.

There are various gamers who a certified game tester and get money from the game developing companies for testing the game. Their feedbacks are taken very seriously and positively for the better development of games and are paid for this.

Walk-through and Guides

The guidelines and walk-through of how-to-play the game are generally written by the pro-games. Gamers get two benefits by doing this- one is making money from this as a content writer for the gaming industry and the second is by doing this, they can make their own name in the huge gaming industry.

Competitive Online Tournaments

Popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty and several other games often organize online tournaments where thousands of pro-gamers register themselves and participate in those competitions to earn a huge prize money.

For hardcore game players, these competitive tournaments are one of the best ways where they can earn a very big prize money.

Gaming Coach

Pro-gamers become gaming coach for those new players who need one-on-one coaching regarding gaming strategies and moves to improve their gaming skills.

Gaming Coach

There are various online platforms which connect these pro-gamers with new players where they guide the players and earn money through this.

Games Journalism

Games journalism is something which requires a lot of research and patience in work. Those gamers who are very much into gaming, who have a very deep knowledge of most of the games and their features are into games journalism.

They write reviews, news and interview for specific games. Many of the gamers have their own websites where they post all their stuff related to a particular game or a genre and earn money through this. It’s a highly demanding and reputed job in the gaming industry.


These are some of the ways through which gamers are making money. Online gaming has opened several opportunities for employment. It’s a great source of earning an extra penny for the livelihood and living a happy life.

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