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Customer Relationship: What you choose to talk about and not to talk about with your customers is not only an indicator of trust or its absence but also a driver or destroyer of trust.

When you are responding to questions, always give the direct answers first; then follow up with the modification or broader response you need to make.Invite customers to sales meetings.When you rehearse sales meeting, rehearse improvisation in addition to scripting.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Relationships
Customer Relationships

What Is Customer Relationship

In Selling people watch your daily behaviors more than they watch your in frequent proclamations.We get judged by what we do not by what we says.

“Excellence is a habit”

Watch Your language

The head of sales of a company says “We have two strategies, one is to be customer centric and other is to increase our share in customers wallet”

Both sounded reasonable but if the customer is called to a meeting and said the above line, he will offended enough to quit your companies dealings. People tend to dislike being treated as an object, as a means to your ends and if you don’t tell the second strategy you are violating the the values of transparency

if you are a sales person and you manager suggests you to stretch the truth, I suggest you ask him or her directly “Let me be clear, you are not asking me to lie are you ?”

And if you area sales manager, do you want your salespeople to stretch the truth on occasion? If so then how do you answer the sales person who cons and says to you “Let me be clear, you are not asking me to lie are you ?”

Customer Relationships
Watch Your language

You could say humbly, “Of course not, I just want you to make sure we come off in a favorable light” which amounts to dodging the question. Better you think about it and say “No i am not, and I am sorry i phrased it in such a way that it sounded like an option. Lets backup and make sure we are being completely overboard here/I want you to feel comfortable about being doubtful”

First answer the customers question

Most of the time buyers ask question to sellers, And the question buyers ask are rarely the questions the seller would have preferred. There is a great temptation for us as sellers to re frame, rephrase and restate the question so it sounds similar, but is in fact more flattering question for us to answer. This is especially tempting when the buyer phrases a question in a challenging, “gotcha” kind of a way. Don’t give in to the temptation.

Remember the customer wont be listening to what is your question- but only for the answer to the question she asked.

If you answer the questions directly and forthrightly, several things will happen.First, it becomes clear you are not hiding anything.Second , it invites more questions letting you know more about the customer itself.

Most importantly it shows you are not manipulating the customer and her agenda.You will respect his or her questions and in turn the customer will involve with the company.

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