Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter: Which Is Best?

The debate between owning a hoverboard or an electric scooter comes with many different pros and cons. While there are variations in both, the differences can be slight, making it confusing to choose between the two. Below are the differences between the two options.

Electric Scooter Vs Hoverboard


On the whole hoverboards take much more skill to build because of its self-balancing requirements. There are only a few select companies that have the capability to make these devices, but they’re causing a stir on the market as they’re currently selling at a break neck pace.


Here are some key differences to note with a hoverboard:

  1. Hoverboards use sensors to get a person to a destination. In order to work these sensors, the rider has to slightly move weight from one side of the body to the other to change directions. When the weight is moved the sensors are then alerted to change direction.
  2. Hoverboards can be stored away in a convenient manner, such as underneath a desk. If the desire is to get to work using a hoverboard, this is a great way to save on travel expenses without the hassle of having to find a place to store it.
  3. The performance of a hoverboard is much better than compared to that of a scooter. While a scooter can be taken on some rough areas, it may not be the best choice. For dirt roads or gravel, as well as grassy places, a hoverboard is the better choice; otherwise one might be risking a fall.
  4. One of the downfalls of a hoverboard is the cost. Some hoverboards can cost over a thousand dollars, depending on how many bells and whistles the user is looking for. Another reason for a big price difference is that the electric scooter is much more massed produced and can therefore lower the price because of this mass production. To find a hoverboard that suits particular needs look on myselftransport.com for more information.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have two wheels, like hoverboards. These wheels run on the surface of the ground and are much easier to balance than a hoverboard – this is because scooters have handlebars, which aids in steering and balance. Below are the differences between an electric scooter and a hoverboard:

Electric motorcycles and scooters

  1. The speed an electric scooter can go is different from a hoverboard. For example, the two wheel scooter can reach up to twenty KPH, while the hoverboard can go faster. There are some manufacturers that claim an electric scooter can go upwards of forty KPH. This can be especially true as the scooter has a handle, and direction can be chosen by the user. Check the speeds claimed by the brand before purchasing.
  2. Electric scooters can generally cover further distances than hoverboards. This is due to battery life, and also the rider’s stamina. It takes much more energy to focus on balancing a hoverboard than a scooter. However, some hoverboards are built for all-terrain, meaning they can cover more ground than a scooter could. If tricks and stunts are what the rider is after, a hoverboard is the way to go.
  3. The engine of an electric scooter is powerful, and due to improved steering, it makes a better ‘getting to work’ or ‘running errands’ vehicle than a hoverboard.


  1. Both devices function with similarity. Both can reach a destination without applying any physical force and both depend on the life of the battery to power their two wheels.
  2. Both also have similar engines that propel them forward or backward. The only difference is the power behind the engine.
  3. The names for both devices are similar, regardless of which country it is being sold in. In fact, in the US, some hoverboards are called self-balancing scooters, making it very confusing to know which is which.
  4. Some brands produce both variations, which is another reason it is hard to differentiate between the two.

In the end what it boils down to is what the customer will be using the board for and what kind of distance will be covered using the device.

If you want more stability, go for a scooter. A hoverboard is best for gaining skill and mastering tricks. Happy riding!

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