5 Home Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every time you go shopping, you see a new gadget or new technology device you never saw before. Why is that? Because new products are coming out on almost a daily basis; products that make your life easier. But, more often than not you walk right by the stack not knowing what you are missing out on.

Best Smart Home Technology In 2017

Home Technologies

So to keep you informed, here is a list of five home technologies you didn’t know you needed until now.

1) Robot Vacuums

How many of you feel like you are always vacuuming? With a pet, kids, and life in general, the job of vacuuming seems like it is never ending. However, if you invest in a robot vacuum such as the Roomba, the vacuuming is kept up on, and you are not the one having to do all the work. Instead, your little robot vacuum travels around your home, keeping your floors clean just the way you like them.

Robot Vacuums

2) Automatic Window Cleaner

Another home cleaning task that many people detest is window cleaning. On the inside, you have to pull back curtains and wipe them clean. But on the outside, you have to pull the ladder out, climb up to the window, clean the part you can reach, climb up some more, clean again, and keep moving up, down and all around until you finally finish one window.

Then, you start the next. But with an automatic window cleaner like Winbot, you just stick it to the window and let it do all the work.

3) Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great gadget for home automation and a wonderful addition to any home; schedule it to adjust the temperature of your home to varying temperatures throughout the day. You can monitor and make changes to it from your smartphone. It can even give you energy reports and maintenance reminders. Plus, it helps keep your HVAC unit running efficiently.

4) Auto-Watering Plant Pot

Houseplants are always a great idea and look awesome in your home until you forget to water them. Then, they wither, become an eyesore, and even die. But what if you could get a plant, think about watering it every once in a while, and it still looked amazing all the time?

You can with an auto-watering plant pot. Check with your local nursery or superstore, and you can find a pot that has a look you want, and can store water to auto water your plant for you.

5) Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Do you hide a key outside for those emergencies when you find yourself keyless? Does it worry you that a criminal could come along and discover the key, use it to enter your home, and take your belongings? If the answer is yes, stop hiding a key and invest in a smart lock.

Smart locks come in many different styles and allow you to lock or unlock the door with a keypad, or by using an app on your phone. You can even check and lock doors when you are away all with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Yes, there are lots of other home technology products out there, and all of them will make your life easier. But, these five products are ones you really don’t want to miss out on. 🙂

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