7 Holiday Gifts for New College Students

Your child is off on their own in a new place, with new people, and new surroundings. You want to get them the best gift for Christmas, but are not sure what exactly is the best for their new life as a college student.

Holiday Gifts for New College Students

Well, there are plenty of amazing options out there that they might not even know they need. As their parent, you have the chance to come through with the perfect gift this year.

1] Phone Gadgets

As they run around campus day and night trying to hustle their way throughout each lecture, phones are of one of their handiest daily tools.

A great gadget to consider is one of the custom powerbanks from Printkick that will let them charge up whenever necessary. This will also make sure that they’re available to reach 24/7.

2] Headphones

Headphones are always a great gift idea for a new college student if they don’t already have a great pair.

From running between classes, siting in the library for hours on end, and even exercising, these are an important tool for all of these tasks.


If there is anything that they will definitely appreciate, it is a good pair of headphones.

3] Health Tracking Watches

While phones are an option to keep track of health, there are just too many distractions for that to become a regular thing.

Getting your child a FitBit or other health-tracking watch will keep them on top of their habits. From exercise, eating, to just keeping a regular schedule, these watches are an excellent tool for adults to incorporate into their lives.

They are also a great way to be able to keep track of time and read messages without constantly checking a phone for texts, which can be a huge distraction for new students especially because studying is a priority.

4] A Nook

If they haven’t gotten one already, a Nook is a top notch Christmas present for your new college student.

With textbooks costing more than rent these days, being able to purchase the digital version is way more cost effective. And with this version, they will be able to very easily access their books from anywhere.

This also means you’re saving them from lugging around heavy books across campus. You’re also helping them make reading their textbooks easier, as Nooks can fit in a bag and be brought along wherever they may go. They can even use them in class to take notes and highlight what their professors are talking about.

All around, this gift will give them a huge advantage when they head back to school for the spring semester.

5] Comfy Pants

Enough with all this technology! There are simpler things you can get them such as a nice, cozy pair of pants.

There is nothing a college student likes to do more than be comfortable amidst all the stress and hard work they are balancing. Getting them a pair of comfy pants they can lounge around in will help them breeze through the days that are harder than most.

6] Keurig

If they don’t have one already, Keurig’s are great gifts for quick, one-person coffee ordeals.


This nice, little gift will save them time and money instead of stopping for coffee before class.

Plus, the beverage options go beyond coffee! They can make hot water for tea as well as hot chocolate. And it will give you a reason to send them some pods randomly, just to show your love and affection, of course.

7] Salt Lamps

The traditional effects of these lamps are said to be healing and stress relieving. But whether that is true or not, they emanate the perfect cozy glow in any room.

Day or night, a salt lamp would be an awesome addition to their dorm to help ease the tension and make them feel a little more comfortable in their new situation.

Plus it will remind them of you every time they see it!

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