Happy New Year 2019 Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Images

Best Happy New Year 2019 Whatsapp Status Messages: Happy New Year 2019 is the time at which a new calendar year begins (2019) and the calendar’s year count increments by one. The New Year 2019 is just around the corner, so here on TechFeast we are going to share some best happy new year wishes, messages, happy new year quotes, greetings, New Year SMS 2019, happy new year in french, happy new year in japanese, happy new year in spanish for facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, instagram and whatsapp. Send these Happy New Year SMS and Messages with your lovely friends, families and girlfriend on social media.

Happy New Year 2019 Quotes, Wishes and Message – New Year Greetings, Images

Happy New Year 2019 Wishes Quotes for Friends
Happy New Year 2019 Wishes Quotes

Happy New Year 2019 Text Messages, Wishes and Quotes for WhatsApp, Facebook and Google+

  • Another year of success and happiness has passed.
    With every new year, comes greater challenges and
    obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and
    faith to overcome all the hurdles you face. May
    you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead.
    God bless you.
  • As the New Year approaches us with new hopes,
    here is wishing you and your family a
    wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year.
  • As the New Year dawns,
    I hope it is filled with the
    promises of a brighter tomorrow.
    Happy New Year!
  • May your New Year flourish with new discoveries,
    wonderful inspirations, and happiness to fill your heart.
  • As the New Year begins, let us pray,
    that it will be a year with new peace,
    new happiness, and abundance of new friends,
    God bless you through out the New Year.
    Happy New Year 2019.

Happy New Year 2019 Whatsapp Messages, SMS, Status, Wishes and Greetings

  • No one can go back in time to change what has happened.
    So work on your present to make yourself a wonderful future.
    Happy New Year 2019.
  • Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment
    and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately,
    reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle.
  • “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
    And next year’s words await another voice.”
  • “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!
    My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue,
    so that I triumph even when I fall!”
  • “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
    And next year’s words await another voice
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
  • “I would say happy new year but it’s not happy;
    it’s exactly the same as last year except colder.”

Happy New Year Messages and Wishes for Friends

  • “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!
    My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue,
    so that I triumph even when I fall!”
  • “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink,
    then the drink takes you.”
  • “I would say happy new year, but it’s not happy;
    it’s exactly the same as last year except colder.”
  • “Many years ago I resolved never to bother with
    New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”
  • “The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk.
    The drunkenness culminates on New Year’s Eve, when you get so drunk
    you kiss the person you’re married to.”
  • “What the New Year brings to you will depend a
    great deal on what you bring to the New Year.”
  • “Follow your passions, believe in karma, and
    you won’t have to chase your dreams;
    they will come to you.”

Happy New Year 2019 Wishes for Facebook

  • “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
    We have only today. Let us begin.”
  • “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right ”― Oprah Winfrey
  • This Past Year Was Flawed,
    We Were Only Human.
    The Past Year Was Just A Year,
    Nothing But The Past.
    Now Is The Dawn Of A New Beginning,
    And The Start Of The New Year.
    On To Better Times,
    And A Year’s Whose Flaws Are
    No More Serious Than A Pin Prick.
    Happy First Good Morning of New Year 2015
  • This Is To Convey
    My Warm Happy New Year Greetings
    For You And Your Family.
    May Your Every Daybreak Usher
    In A New Reason To Smile
    Every Time You Are Around Your Family
    Since It Will Always Be
    A Source Of Joy And Gladness.
    Good Morning…!

Happy New Year Wishes SMS 2019

  • The Joy That Comes With Sharing
    Tirelessly And Giving
    Can Only Be Experienced By Friends.
    The Past Year Has Seen Us
    Share Almost Everything
    And As The New Year Sets In,
    I Want To Share More With You.
  • Let Us Welcome The New Year,
    Give The Happy Adieu To The Old,
    Start The New Beginning Without Fear,
    And Cherish The Memories We Hold!
  • Fun, Joy, Happiness,
    Peace, Love, Luck, Will Come Near,
    With My Special Wish
    Happy New Year!
  • As The New Year Approaches,
    Forget The Past,
    Laugh A Lot,
    Forgive Quickly And Love Quickly.
    Wish You A Happy New Year Ahead.
  • The New Year 2019 Gives You
    Another Golden Opportunity To Reset Your Goals
    And Retrace Your Footsteps.
    My Wish For You This Year
    Is That You May Be Able To Stick
    To Your Resolutions For The New Year.

Happy new year wishes messages for whatsapp

  • May happy times
    warm memories
    brighten your New Year.
  • May the spirit of the season of
    New year fill your heart
    with serenity and peace.
    Wish you a happy new year!

Merry christmas and happy new year wishes quotes

  • This new year :
    may your monthly salary come in six figures,
    may you take her for a ride on your private Car
    and may all your illusions fade away.
    Best wishes for happy new year !! 🙂
  • Vanish everything that’s bad,
    Welcome everything that’s good
    Wish you a very happy new year.
  • When the midnight bell rings tonight…
    Let it signify new and better things for you,
    let it signify a realization of all things you wish for,
    Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
    Wishing you a very…very…very prosperous 2019

Happy new year wishes for boyfriend

  • The New Year 2019 Gives You
    Another Golden Opportunity To Reset Your Goals
    And Retrace Your Footsteps.
    My Wish For You This Year
    Is That You May Be Able To Stick
    To Your Resolutions For The New Year.
  • Life Is A Journey,
    But My Best Wishes Are The Milestones
    That Will Give You Hope
    And Motivation To Move On.
    Am Wishing You A Joyous New Year!
  • Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
    Wish your Life will always be Bright.
    So my Dear don’t get Fear
    Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.

Happy new year wishes for husband 

  • Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
    Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
  • Lets celebrate this
    colorful New year.
    with a smile.
    Wish you Happy new year.
  • Glory to God in highest heaven,
    Who unto man His Son hath given,
    While angels sing with tender mirth,
    A glad new year to all the earth.
  • New Year Is The Time To Say
    Thank You For All Those Blessings Showered On Us Of Our Lord ,
    Our Savior Who For Us With Prayer
    To Forgive Sins New Year Comes
    With Bright Spots In Our Mind
    It Gives Us New Confidence And Courage
    For A Fresh Start
    And New Year
    And All The Best For New Businesses

Happy new year greetings wishes

  • As You Watch The Sun Of The Old Year Set To The West,
    May It Set With All The Negatives Of 2019.
    As That Of The New Year Rises From The East,
    May It Rise With The New Opportunities For 2015.
  • My Dear, I Have Decided
    To Store Your Name In My Heart
    This New Season.
    It Can Be Destroyed By Insects
    If I Store It On The Leaves,
    It Will Be Faded If I Write It
    On A Piece Of Paper,
    Happy New Year To You.
  • May You Discover How To Ease Your Disturbed,
    Overworked Brain Into Manifestation And Consciousness,
    So You Can Disengage From Adverse Conditions,
    And Modify Your Life
    For The Best This Coming Year.
    Happy New Year 2019.

Happy new year wishes msg for Google+

  • May Your Expectations
    In This New Year Morning
    Be Realized With Each And Everyday Of The Year.
    This Is To Wish You A Good Health
    That Will Maintain The Energy
    To Flip Your Wing
    While Soaring Into Greater Heights
    Towards Your Destiny.
  • Old Year Is Coming To An End,
    We Give Warm Welcome The New Year,
    All Your Worries Will Also End,
    Wishing You Happy New Year !

Happy new year messages for girlfriend

  • I See A Light In The Sky
    And Fresh Morning Dew.
    The Newness Of This Year
    Inspires Me To Wish You.
    Happy Things Are About To Knock The Door
    So Let Your Smile Welcome Them
    Hope This New Year Be Bursting
    With Happiness N Prosperity.
  • You Are Me, I Am You
    And We Are So Much Identical
    That People Call Us Twins.
    We Have Gone Through A Lot
    And Still Remain Close.
    As This Year Ends,
    I Wish You A Fabulous New Year.
  • There Is So Much I Have Emulated
    From You In The Past Years.
    You Make My Life So Much Easier
    As You Create And I Duplicate.
    I Cannot Imagine Another Year Without You,
    Be Blessed This New Year.

Happy new year wish 2019

  • New Year is a time for celebration
    of love, of life, of Friendship.
    Therefore, it is the time to thank God
    for the wonderful friends,
    and to bring to their lives
    as much magic as they bring to ours.
    Have a happy and a memorable holiday!

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Happy New Year 2019 Video

On this day friends send happy new year 2019 images, happy new year pictures to each other. If you wants to celebrate this day then you need some Happy new year 2019 Images for your friends. Today’s we have a unique collection of happy new year pictures, new year 2019 images for our readers.

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Happy New Year Whatsapp Messages 2019 (Happy New Year Wishes Quotes)

  1. This New Year I wish you to have courage to fight for your dreams and also blessings of Almighty to help you emerge winner as you strive.
  2. May your mirror reflection charm you, may what others see in you enchant them, may somebody cherish you enough to forget your shortcomings, may be oblivious to your flaws and flaunt your virtues.
  3. May your New Year be filled with adoration, happiness, warmth, and cheer; and may you pass on these to those around you too.
  4. Time is similar to a streaming waterway, no water goes underneath your feet twice, much like the stream, minutes never pass you by again, so love each minute that life gives you.
  5. On this New Year I wish that you have a superb January, a dazzling February, a Peaceful March, an anxiety free April, a sensational May, and Joy that keeps going from June to November, and then round off with an upbeat December.
  6. I wish that the New Year turns out to be a very special one for you filling each day with peak of health, abundance of happiness and sunshine, bountiful luxury and prosperity and Zen like serenity.
  7. I wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May God give you the happiness and strength to overcome your past year failures.
  8. Hope you have a great new year 2019. Let the celebration begin. Cheers to 2019. May all your dreams come true.. !
  9. The New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams, may you rediscover new strength and garner faith with you, and be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and put a brave front for all the challenges that may come your way. Wishing you a lovely New Year.
  10. Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of roses, illuminated with all the lights of the world and be blessed with all the smiles on the planet. Hope this year will be the year when all your dreams come true. Happy New Year 2019.
  11. Even if our talks may lessen, and so might our hellos, our stories might shorten along with our greetings, but remember that no matter what happens, my prayers and wishes for you will never fall short. May this year be the best year by far, and may this year bring with it endless joy and happiness.
  12. May you discover all your hidden potentials this New Year and turn them into delightful ventures bringing you fame and finances to rejoice.
  13. There are things that are sometimes left undone and there are things that can be left sometimes unsaid. There are things that can be sometimes left unsaid, but wishing someone like you can’t ever be left, so I take this moment to wish you and your loved ones a joyous and wonderful New Year.
  14. In 2019 I wish that may you not only change the date of the calendar, but also your focus, commitments and actions for a more fruitful year ahead.
  15. This New Year I wish that God showers you with His choicest Blessings, Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride, Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow, Lady Luck bestows upon you health and wealth, your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright.
  16. As the New Year approaches, my wish for you is a proactive spirit – a spirit that does not wait for the right time thinking when an opportunity would come and fall on the lap, but goes out to grab an opportunity, or if needed simply make one for yourself, and prove your worth to the world.
  17. May you stand up for your own rights this New Year and also the rights of fellow human beings, may nothing stop you from championing a cause that you hold close to your heart.

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Enjoy !! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to Everyone !! 😀

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