Why Gujarat Is Most Developed State of India?

Gujarat is one of the important states of India located in the western part of India. Its area is 196,204 km2and have border with Rajasthan in north, Maharashtra in south, Madhya Pradesh and Arabian sea in east. Gujarat is considered as the “jewel of India” due to its excellent locality and attractive places. It is the most developed state of India because of its education levels and high literacy level. The literacy level of Gujarat is 79.31%, and the development of a state depends upon its literacy level and standard of education. The prestigious institutes and universities of India belong to Gujarat which is a biggest plus point for the state of Gujarat.

Gujarat Is Most Developed State of India

Gujarat State
Gujarat State

Traditions and Festivals

Gujarat is very well known for its traditions and festivals. The festival of Navratri is the biggest festival of Gujarat which is famous in all over the world. Festival of Navratri, called “the circle of ecstasy” continues for nine nights to spread joy and happiness. This festival is celebrated to offer devotion to goddess Amba who is known for existing in many forms. The purpose of this festival is to recognize our values and to offer devotion to the strong goddess. The festival of Navratri continues for nine days and these nine days prove to be the best days for the life. These days of festival teaches the harmony and recognition values. Navratri is the opportunity to rejoice the primary qualities that makes this universe. The biggest plus point of this great festival is that, it is celebrated by all communities because it is like a tradition of Gujarat. People from many areas come in Gujarat to enjoy this festival. It is an attraction for tourists; they come and enjoy this festival. Indirectly the tourists are also playing a role in the development of Gujarat by coming to enjoy the festival of Navratri.

Universities and institutes in Gujarat

The prestigious and well-known institutes of India are present in Gujarat which played a very important role in the development of Gujarat. There are 43 best universities and institutes working for the provision of best education in Gujarat. All of these universities/institutes are well known for their excellent standard of education, research facilities, certifications and distinctions in different fields of study. Top Universities in Gujarat are as below:

1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad

Located in Ahmadabad Gujarat and has a highest score of 9.8.

2. Center of environment planning and technology university Ahmadabad

It is also located in Ahmadabad and has a score of 9.6. This university has specific field of environmental studies.

3. Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda

Best university located in Baroda, having a score of 8.7 on the scale of 10.

4. Gujarat national law university Gandhinagar

National law university located in Gandhinagar having a score of 8.6.

5. SardarVallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

Institute of technology,with best research facilities having a score of 8.

6. Nirma University, Ahmedabad

It offers different courses of science, management, engineering and pharmacy, having a score of 7.7.

7. Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh

Best university for agricultural studies in Junagadh with a score of 6.9.

8. DrBabasahebAmbedkar Open University, Ahmedabad

Also offers diplomas in medical education. Have a score of 6.6

9. Ganpat university Mehsana

Best university in Mehsana Gujarat with a score of 6.6.

10. Ahmadabad university Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad’s top university with a score of 6.6 on the scale of 10.

This is not enough, because Gujarat is blessed with 33 more universities and institutes which are playing a very important role to educate India. The dependence of development of state or country depends upon its quality of education and natural resources. Gujarat is wealthier in both of these. 😀

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