How To Grab Your Customers Attention And Retain It

Although, living in the digital era has made it so much easier for businesses to connect with their customers. It also comes with one major downfall. Capturing the attention span of consumers has never been more difficult.

In fact, the average attention span of a consumer is almost equivalent to that of a goldfish.

How To Grab Your Customers Attention

In the bustling business world, capturing your target markets attention makes all the difference to your triple bottom line. Whether it means more sign ups, or improved sales, and conversion rates.

The good news is through this article we are going to list down-to-earth tried and tested ways that we discovered capture the attention of consumers in the busy world of business and politics.

Ready to get into it?

Social Media Is Going To Be Your Best Friend

Social Media Is Going To Be Your Best Friend

Back in the traditional business world, networking (still important), and dominant advertising techniques was the way to create a buzz about your business.

But everything has changed.

Nowadays, the most important thing to do is connect with your customers where they are most comfortable. Which often times mean they are at home, in their long johns on social media.

Which is why it is incredibly important to set up a unique social media presence for your business. It is really important to diversify yourself from competition.

You can do this through high quality content. Providing informative captions that actually solves problems your ideal customers face on a daily basis, or even sending them a friendly “how is it going” message on LinkedIn.

Through taking the time to really show you care about your customers, not only will you get their attention, but you will also start navigating the tricky bridge of building trust with your potential customers.

Instil Emotion Through Your Marketing Campaigns To Entice Desire In Your Target Audience

Instil Emotion Through Your Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to improving sales – emotional consumer behaviour has always been one of the biggest assets to business. When it comes to trust, you can leverage the emotion of consumers to not only capture their attention but also resonate a message within them – which will lead to retaining their attention for a long-time to come.

Want an example?

Say your company is involved in fitness. Your vision and mission is to help people lose weight. But you know just how difficult this can be… right?

Now, imagine launching a viral video that is designed to trigger this “self-doubt” in your target

market. For example, the life story of someone who continuously struggled to lose weight until something drastic happened which completely caused them to change their lives around.

Want to find out more about emotional marketing campaigns? Check out this link.

Help In The Community – Show You Genuinely Care About Everyone

Help In The Community

Here is a fun fact – in a recent study it was shown that only 10% of consumers would stick around with a business if they found out they were involved in a project that has a negative impact on the local community.

That means by taking part in community programmes, and showing you genuinely care about helping people you will grab the attention of almost 90% of your target market.


Because this is to this day, one of the best ways to build trust, and improve your brand recognition. Both of which is incredibly important regardless of whether you are a start-up, SMB, or an enterprise.

The Age Old Technique: Have A Crazy Cutthroat Sale

Okay, you caught us. This particular tip is for medium to large businesses. The thing is having a social media presence is a given. You may already take part in community outreach programs. But you are looking for a significant market penetration technique to help you revitalize sales and meet deliverables.

Well, now you can leverage the first three assets we covered in this article.

Launch a crazy sale. Have a special coupon. But keep the image friendly, providing proof to customers that you are doing this because you want to help them.

If you manage to launch the sales campaign properly, you will get more burst-sales then ever before. And more likely than not you will land new customers in your store.

Of course, if you offer a SaaS or something similar – you can’t exactly have a mass-sale now can you? But why not offer some other incentive to attract the attention of people looking for your service? You never know what hidden gems you will find.

Give Them What They Want

At the end of the day – customers want a good product and inviting customer service. When your customer needs something from you, they’ll come running no matter what. So don’t worry if you lose some clients now and again, because it’s likely they’ll make their way back to you.

Keep these tips in mind when it comes to your clients. This goes for current and potential clients in the future. Gaining their attention is one thing – but keeping it is another. You’ll have to work really hard to get your customers coming back for me. With these tips, we’re sure you’ll be just fine.

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