GENIUS NY, Drone Based Startup Competition, Enters 3rd Year Funding

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”-Dean Kamen

The new technological age offers many opportunities, yet more specifically there is so much opportunity for entrepreneurs in the drone industry. I’m writing to let you all know about a really exciting competition for drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a drone-based business!

GENIUS NY, Drone Based Startup Competition

GENIUS NY, the world’s largest business accelerator for drone and UAS-based startups, is gearing up for their 3rd annual competition, and will be funding their winners with more money than ever before.

GENIUS NY was started in Central New York in order to fuel the growth of innovative startup businesses in the drone industry. To date, they’ve handed out millions, that’s right I said MILLIONS, of dollars to exciting, groundbreaking drone businesses around the world.

This year, they’re planning on awarding $1M to the top team, as well as $500K to 4 separate runner-up teams. They’re passionate about helping grow the drone industry, and some winning teams from years past have turned into some of the most exciting drone-based businesses operating today.

For example, Virginia based business TruWeather participated in the competition, and specialize in using drones to improve the precision, accuracy and communication of weather intelligence. I’m sure everyone would agree that the meteorology industry could use a hand in more accurately predicting the weather!

Fotokite, out of Switzerland combines aerial and ground-based robotics with flight control algorithms to create a kite-like tethered drone system that can fly fully autonomously for 24 hours.

And Syracuse native, UsPLM, provides a collaborative environment to develop, test, deploy and safely operate a single or a fleet of unmanned aerial systems. ​These are some of the most exciting and cutting edge drone related businesses in the world today, and they all came from the GENIUS NY program!

Many of these businesses are changing entire industries. Like for instance Dropcopter, which is a company that uses drone technology to pollenate crops in apple orchards.

Traditionally, crops like that would be pollenated naturally by bees, but as bee populations have dwindled, orchard owners and other types of farmers may be able to rely on a more technologically derived solution leveraging drones. You can read about these teams and more from past competitions on GENIUS NY’s website.

Another interesting aspect of this year’s competition is GENIUS NY’s desire to promote more female participation in the program.

Women are sorely underrepresented in the drone industry, and GENIUS NY is encouraging more women with entrepreneurial aspirations to join the drone industry and bring their great ideas to life with the help of the largest business accelerator in the world for drone based businesses.

GENIUS NY is funded with $5 million from NYS Empire State Development (ESD) and from contributing sponsors. I’d highly encourage anyone interested in starting or growing a drone-based business to check it out.

Its honestly an incredible program providing huge opportunities for entrepreneurs with a passion for drone and UAS technology. Here are some details about how to apply:

I’d highly encourage any of our readers who have a great idea for a tech business to look into the GENIUS NY program. Its an incredible opportunity, and might just be the very thing that can take your business to the next level, and launch your path to success.

Visit the application process page to learn more about how to get involved with GENIUS NY. Turn your innovations into reality or if you know someone who is interested in growing a drone-based startup, click the link to visit GENIUS NY’s website and learn more about this phenomenal program.

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