Gaming on a Budget: Which Monitors Are Great for Gamers but Won’t Break the Bank?

Are you a gamer on a budget and looking for affordable gaming tech? It’s not as hard as you might think. A 144hz monitor has a high refresh rate, eliminates ghosting, and delivers a realistic viewing experience. If you are frustrated with the choppy visuals of your monitor, are experiencing eye strain and/or headaches, chances are the problem is the quality of your equipment.

The Ultimate Budget Gaming PC Guide

Gaming on a Budget

A 144hz monitor is a great upgrade. There are plenty of affordable ones on the market as the tech becomes better and better. They create the illusion of constant motion, improve refresh rate, reduce input lag and ghosting, and come with adaptive sync options. If you haven’t yet looked into upgrading now is the perfect time. Your game and your eyes will think you for it.

What is 144 HZ

The human eye views motion in action while a monitor displays a number of images per second. This is how it is named. 1hz is equal to 1 image per second. The 144hz monitor is creating the illusion of movement with 144 images per second.

By increasing your monitor’s frame rate to 144hz your game will have a quick refresh rate, a smooth image, and a high-quality picture. To the eye it appears that the object is in motion, similar to a stop motion cartoon.

Input Lag and Ghosting

Input lag and ghosting can create a very frustrating gaming experience. These are due to a system that cannot keep up with the performance level of the game or the gamer. Fast paced games will lag as the data tries to keep up with the reaction time of the player. Think of a stop motion cartoon where the pages stick and then suddenly jumps forward. This creates frustration and effects the overall game play.

Ghosting occurs when images stay on the screen while the rest of the story continues. Phantom images are distracting and sometimes take on a storyline of their own as gamers think they see something that was never intended to be there. It becomes an unwelcome distraction from the actual objective and a futile search, much like chasing ghosts.

Adaptive Sync

Adaptive Sync

Frame rate stuttering and screen tearing will kill a game and give the gamer eye strain and headaches. If you are experiencing frame rate stuttering and screen tearing it is because your monitor is not able to keep up with your level of performance. For the professional gamer it is important to find a 144hz monitor that comes with adaptive sync to create the smoothest game play possible.

It is simple to find quality cheap 144hz monitors. There are a number of monitors out there to choose from. Knowing exactly what you want and how much you have to spend is the first step to gaming on a budget.

Gaming on a budget doesn’t mean that the gaming experience has to suffer. Finding the right monitor doesn’t have to break the bank. The ultimate gaming experience is within your reach and at an affordable price. You just have to know where to look and what you are looking for. 🙂

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