Gainer or Protein – What To Choose?

Do you remember what the top trend in sports was in the 80s? The prominent bodybuilders were on the cover pages of the most rated magazines and on the TV. The other types of body formation have replaced this trend until recently.

Differences Between Weight Gainers & Protein Powders

Gainer or Protein - What To Choose?

Bodybuilding came back in a new appearance promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. The key difference between the current trend and the trend in the 80s is the emphasis on the development of muscles without any chemical drugs like muscle pills or steroids.

Although the athletes still use various supplements like, they are mostly natural and do not carry an extreme threat to health.

Types of Supplements

The world of diet products resembles an ocean where one can easily get lost. Protein shakes, weight loss pills, meal replacements, gainers and other types of sports nutrition are available for any purpose at choice.

The biological peculiarities classify our bodies by the different types of body constitution that have different requirements to the process of gaining weight.

A dieting expert will name the other factors including the intensity and duration of the workout sessions, quality, and quantity of meals, mental state, and the environment. All these have to be taken into account to win success in the body formation.

If all the above-mentioned requirements are met and the muscle growth is as slow as a snail, you should think about the use of a special supplement.


A weight gainer is an ultimate solution to increase both the muscle and fat mass. This type of supplement is associated with a huge amount of calories, protein, and carbohydrates. Just imagine that a regular gainer supplies around 600 calories. To realize how much it is, compare it with an energy value of regular meal replacement (120 calories).

However, some athletes deliberately double the serving up to more than 1,000 calories to obtain the highest performance. A protein-to-carbs ratio is one to two. It means that one serving of a gainer offers around 50g of protein and around 100g of carbohydrates.

This type of supplement is a perfect solution for the tall and thin people also known as ectomorphs. The people with the fast metabolism will also appreciate the efficiency of the gainers for the muscle gaining purpose.

Protein Shake

Protein Shake

Unlike a gainer, a protein shake is aimed at the growth of the muscles rather than weight. A protein powder is an ideal solution to maintain and gradually develop the muscle mass. The main element of the supplement – protein – may be introduced by various sources including soy, whey, casein, plant based proteins etc. In the market, you can meet many brands offering different blends of protein sources.

Unlike the gainers, the protein shakes are not packed with calories, fats, and carbs. A regular protein powder offers around 30g of the main ingredient in a serving. The content of the secondary components is minimum to avoid a fat formation.

Protein or Gainer?

To answer this question, you have to understand your needs. As a rule, the gainers are chosen by the athletes who experience a stagnation in the muscle growth for more than six weeks. Besides, the ectomorphs and people with the fast metabolism also opt for the gainers.

People who concentrate on the muscles rather than mass choose the protein powders. This type of supplement is a perfect solution to feed your muscles before or after the workout. 🙂

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