Future of Bitcoin Cash and Ripple In 2019


Though the arrival of cryptocurrencies was back in 2009, people did not notice these digital currencies until there was a rapid hike in the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a brainchild of the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin was widely given acceptance in many countries like Canada, Australia, China and Russia.

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash

In spite of the regulations and bans imposed by some of the Governments on cryptocurrencies, these digital tokens are more than 1600 in number. One can trade cryptocurrencies at best rates and make exchanges like Ripple to Bitcoin by using XRP to BTC exchange in cryptocurrency exchanges like ShapeShift and Bittrex.

When the competition is so huge cryptos are striving hard to cement their positions. Two such cryptocurrencies worth noticing in 2019 is Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Crypto market gained importance with the better performance of Bitcoin.  BTC to BCH converter.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

As the Bitcoin platform gained more members it started to slow down the processing speed of the transactions. Hence arrived Bitcoin Cash as a result of a hard fork in Bitcoin in 2017.

You can use your Bitcoins to buy Bitcoin Cash by using BTC to BCH converter in cryptocurrency exchange aggregators. Bitcoin Cash was developed to increase the block size and facilitate more transactions much faster and cheaper.

What is Ripple?

Ripple - Payment protocol

Ripple as it is commonly named as gains its name from Ripplelabs. XRP is the token name for Ripple network. Ripple is a cryptocurrency which also functions as a decentralised remittance network.

Ripplelabs has launched xCurrent, xVia and xRapid for lending support for cross-border payment solutions. Such solutions of Ripple is gaining more prominence as it builds strong connections with MAster card, American Express and Banco De Santander.

Reasons why Ripple and Bitcoin Cash may shine in 2019

The value of Ripple is increasing as it provides the most cost-efficient remittance services across the globe. The token price of XRP is USD 0.3051 and it stands at the second position among the crypto rankings just next to Bitcoin.

Considering the volatility of the digital currencies, Ripple is regarded as one of the stable coins in the market.

The main purpose of Bitcoin Cash is to envisage more flow of its coins and support Bitcoin. The backup Bitcoin founders is a backbone to Bitcoin Cash.  It is also found that the price of BTC is affected by the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin Cash.

As of today the BCH price is USD 97.65 and is at 7th position in the crypto ranking. As a crypto token within the top 10 cryptos, BCH is expected to reach top 5 in the years to come.

Ripple platform is growing at a good pace, and it is mostly connected to its idea of revolutionising global payment systems. Recently leading newspaper Guardian has highlighted the result of the errors caused during SWIFT cross-border banking transactions.

Ripple overhauls such problems by offering smooth and anonymous financial transactions through blockchain technology in a decentralised manner.

Future of Bitcoin


The above in-depth analysis of Ripple and Bitcoin Cash ushers a light of positivity in their future. Having said that one could not deny the uncertainties associated with the crypto market. It will becan interesting phase for Ripple and Bitcoin Cash in 2019.

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