Freemake Video Downloader Software Review

Are you asking yourself what is a video downloader? Well, when you are watching any online video, on YouTube or Facebook or any of the other online video sites, you might want to download and save it on your laptop or your desktop to watch it later. A video downloader lets you do just that. All you need is the video URL and a video downloader does the rest.

Why is Freemake Video Downloader different?

Freemake Video Downloader Review

You will find a lot of free video downloader’s available on the Internet from various software companies. What makes Freemake Video Downloader stand out, is its ease of use and some niche features that differentiate it from other video downloading tools. You can use it to download video from any website as long as you have the URL. In case you are using YouTube and the Firefox browser, there is a cool shortcut you can use.

A button is embedded on the site where the video is being viewed, and one click is all you need to begin downloading. You don’t need to pause the video, find the tool on your laptop, and then begin to download. It enables you to watch uninterrupted, while it does the downloading work for you. And what’s more, the YouTube video downloader is free – there are no hidden costs.

Freemake Video Downloader

More about using the tool

If you are worried about the tool having a complex user interface where you will get lost and not be able to find your way around, you can rest easy. There is a prominent Paste URL button on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you have copied the URL from the site you have been watching the video on, all you need to do is click on this button and the URL is pasted into this program.

Just make sure you copy the URL from the address bar of the browser you are watching it from or right-click on the video and select the option to copy the URL. Freemake does not limit you to using a specific browser. You can watch the video on any browser, but if you are using Firefox, there are some add-ons for extra features.

FREE Video Downloader by Freemake

Use Freemake to convert videos

Freemake also has a separate video converter tool, and they have embedded that feature into the youtube video downloader so that you can easily convert the format of the videos you download. Freemake provides you with the option to pre-select the format that is the conversion settings so that you click only once, and the video is downloaded and converted into the format you specified, for example, MP4, FLV, 3GP, or WebM, or you can choose a separate format for each download.

USPs Of Freemake

The speed at which Freemake downloads also makes it stand out. You find some new YouTube related videos that you would like to save on your system, and once you have pasted the URL and selected a video format (in case you want to convert it), Freemake takes very little time to download the video. You need to wait only a short while. Of course, this is connected to the speed of your Internet connection and the size and format you have chosen, but the tool works amazingly fast.

When you select the video format, the quality and size are displayed alongside, so you can decide what type you want.  If you have a slow Internet connection speed, just limit the speed of downloading. You can select the bandwidth Freemake is going to consume to 4MBps, 2MBps, 1MBps, 700 KBps, and so on, depending on the type of connection you have.

Do not restrict yourself with this tool

There is also a nifty play button that displays next to each downloaded video so that you can play it easily in your default video player. You can also download a number of videos simultaneously, so you are not restricted to waiting for one video to download before you can download the next one. Freemake video downloader also allows you to download full playlists, channels, favorites on to your own desktop or laptop to watch later at leisure.

Recognizing the importance of integration with social media, Freemake allows interfacing with different social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Nicovideo, Yandex, Vkontakte, and Mail. Freemake is targeted towards an international audience, and also proxy settings, as well as filtering of adult content and icons, are inbuilt in the tool. Also, with each version, Freemake adds to the number of sites it can interface with, so if you don’t see your site in the Freemake list, the next version might just have it.

Gear up music lovers

For music lovers, there is another cool option that Freemake provides for you. In case, you want just the audio part and not the video clip, the “Extract Original Audio” option will let you save just the audio file. So for people who want to collect music, this option is ideal. Much more than a simple downloader, Freemake actually supports 500 audio and video formats.

The number of users of this tool is more than 83 million and it has been available for seven years now, growing in popularity day by day. Its user-friendly interface and well thought out features make it a tool to know about and use.

Pricing of Freemake Video Downloader

If you are wondering about how much this tool is going to cost, the big news is that is that it is free. There are no hidden costs or trial versions. However, the option to show your appreciation is there through a donation button, but that is entirely voluntary. The main window of the tool does show some advertisements when downloads are not going on.

The advertisements are mainly about the company’s other software tools, which you might find equally useful and effective, as you are finding the video downloader. The program does install two services, but when you install the tool, it asks you whether it can install these services, and only if you say yes, are they installed. You are also allowed to choose not to share anonymous statistics. So if you do not want the two services and to share your computer’s information, you can just select the option not to.

Play and Pause whenever you want

You can also choose to pause a download while it is happening, and take it up later at a more convenient time or day. It also allows you to restore broken downloads. Another cool feature is that Freemake does not restrict you to saving your videos only on your local drive.

You can choose the destination of your file destination on some shared space like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other similar space, and your selected video clips, movies, and music are seamlessly transferred and saved on to the cloud space you had selected.

Operating Systems support for the downloader

The supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista. You would need an Intel, AMD or any other compatible processor with 1 GHz speed. Make sure you have at least 25MB of free hard disk space before installation and a steady Internet connection as well.

Freemake has made it easy to download the videos you want to watch and enjoy later. Get this YouTube video downloader today and reap its benefits! 🙂

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