Five Tips for Getting Started With Paid Traffic

Building a reliable, cohesive and dependable flow of traffic for any blog, brand or business takes months – if not years. Particularly true for those who want to pursue the benefits of driving organic traffic, a combination of search engine optimization, content creation, persistent social media use, email marketing and other efforts are all required to generate long-term results.

Getting Started with Paid Traffic

This can be discouraging for brands that want to enjoy near instant results and traffic. Fortunately, there are options for these entities – assuming they possess a budget for use in driving traffic to their websites specifically.

Through paid marketing and traffic efforts, brands can begin enjoying the benefits of traffic without spending copious amounts of time optimizing and waiting for results.

Today, let’s look at five tips that can help any brand or business get their feet wet when it comes to paid traffic and marketing strategies.

Consider All Sources

A variety of marketing options for driving traffic exist – it’s important to acknowledge them all, as each offers different benefits and variables. Most commonly used are paid search and social media ads, which utilize PPC campaign frameworks, are easy to configure, and can be deployed for relatively little cost.

In addition to this, there are also display ads (which show up on webpages), sponsored content (usually in the form of legitimate content infused with links that is published on other websites) and influencer marketing (where particular people on social media give your brand shout-outs).

Hire a Team

Ultimately, driving traffic via paid methods to your website can be time consuming and challenging. Particularly true for those with no experience, knowing what, who and where to target can be wasteful and difficult. This is why so many brands are now turning to the services of PPC campaign agencies and firms.

With so many options available, there are firms that work with brands of all sizes and budgets. The most important aspect of this is to choose an agency with plenty of experience.

Do Keyword Research

Regardless of the sources or channels you use to market, driving traffic to a particular website or page requires an understanding of the audience. When targeting specific niches, knowing exactly how people within that audience search can be immensely helpful.

Do Keyword Research

As such, keyword research is always a fundamental part of any paid traffic strategy that involves display ads or PPC campaigns. Through careful analysis, you’ll be able to discover which keywords and long-tail phrases provide the best value in terms of visitors versus dollars. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to more effectively target the right audiences.

Be Sure to Track

One of the most important aspects of paid traffic campaigns is learning from your mistakes. With each ad or campaign iteration, lessons can be learned regarding the overall performance and profitability of the effort. However, this can only occur if you are carefully tracking data.

This is precisely why paid traffic campaigns should always focus on targeting mediums where analytics and performance data can be assessed. Without this information, you cannot truly verify whether or not your campaigns are producing real value.

Fortunately, most mediums – including social media influencers and sponsored content – can still deliver data regarding paid traffic performance.

Use Landing Pages Where Applicable

While some paid traffic campaigns will focus on delivering traffic straight to your home page, most effective ads will instead divert visitors to specific pages and/or content.

Via the use of landing pages, you can control exactly what audiences see after clicking on each specific ad. With customized messages and total control over the initial user experience, paid traffic campaigns can be made immensely more effective.

As competition continues to become stiffer, implementing the right strategies for paid traffic campaigns and marketing is more important than ever. With these five tips, beginners can put themselves on the right track and begin developing effective ads and campaigns that’ll deliver truly valuable results.

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