Guide to Find Affordable Expired Domains

When you are going to buy affordable domains, you must look out for the potential value before taking your decision. Expired domains may have gone through pretty black hat and grey hat SEO throughout their lifetime.

Affordable Expired Domains
Affordable Expired Domains

Add Or Redirect:

You can add any private blog network or can simply redirect the aged domains in your site to gain some authority and trust. You can look out for free websites where you can search for the expired domains. For example, can help you in comparing various domains when you log into the account.

To check out the expired domains, you should use the verifying tools and can settle for a .com site. If you could not get through a .com, a .net or a .org can be acceptable. So, you just require moving towards the market, creating a free account and looking for the pages, you want them as your domain.

Life-Cycle of Domain:

Domains can be registered for a maximum span of 10 years. As soon as it expires, you will get about 45 days for the renewal process. During this span, the website will continue to work. When the period gets over, you get a redemption grace period. During the grace period, the backordering companies are being notified by the main domain. By using a bidding process, those companies can offer domains to their clients.

After the pending grace period is over, the site will remain in a pending status ready to be deleted. If no one bids during the redemption period, then the domain will get deleted and will become available to any domain buyers.

Retain Creation Dates:

When you are searching for the deleted domains, then the creation dates are very important for the SEO purposes. If you can obtain the domain from the back ordering company, it is worthier for that extra effort and money. Sometimes the bidding process in the backordering process is skipped and the domains are directly bought from the site owner by only checking the WhoIs.

MetaSearch Engine:

The tools for checking the value of the website can also serve as the Meta search engine. For selecting the deleted domains, you need to go through them properly. You can click on the buttons of the deleted domains and can select any top level domain that you want to acquire. After operating this function, you can obtain a list of deleted domains. To check the quality, you must use proper filter. Try using the search filter button to find out the good domains from the lot.

Fake PR or Unsure PR:

Make sure that your domains are not containing any fake PR. this can be the case due to the manipulated page ranks in the past. It is not necessary that what you are watching with the naked eyes is completely true. You should do a proper check before taking your decision. If the domain contains a large number of site wide links, you should not go with that expired domain.

Once you have checked out the points, you should check whether the domain is DMAS listed or not. You must also look through the Way Back Machine to check the appearance in the past.

The anchor phrases and the referring pages must be checked properly so that you do not fall prey of any kind of trap. You can go to the AHrefs and check out the anchor phrases easily. It can easily check whether the site has been spammed in the past or not. Make sure to compare the prices from different websites before deciding on a final domain.

Author Bio: Jack Anderson is an SEO professional. In this article, he talks about the deleted domains and how to purchase them. !! 🙂

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