Should Everyone Go To College? – Is College Worth It?

There is a strange discussion out there. Apparently, Rick Santorum, accused Obama insisting that all children should go away to an institution. Extra websites include assumed to facilitate Obama have ever said this, but encouraged all children to pursue higher education. I do not care about Obama or Santorum. I’m not interested in politics at all. However, it is interesting to me to see how this issue has sparked debate.

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Should Everyone Go To College?

I hope a lot of lies and discussions over the coming months until the election. Santorum clearly lied. Obama lies. Everybody lies above all others. This is why I hate politics, why I think Congress should be abolished, and why I believe that no one should be elected president. (Quick: I named the last president who has actually improved your life as a direct result of his policies. 🙂

And now suddenly, and unfortunately, go or no go” to college has become a political issue. Another type of pressure trying to ruin the lives of our children.

Then a friend of mine, author of the book Being Wrong” suggested that I am the ONLY person who thinks that children should not depart to the institution. This is obviously not true. Peter Thiel, along with Seth Godin are examples and there are many more examples of successful people in the arts and businesses that did not go to college.

Should Everyone Go College

And finally, MY OWN CHILDREN entered the game, and I cited statistic that stupid people with university education end up with more money 20 years later. Let’s take a few fast point. Experience lacking charge to vary with me on some of these. One of my sons said, “people who go to college have better jobs 20 years later.

When my children I cite a statistic like that, I think they’re being forced to go to college. Someone is trying to be scary to a child 12 years and that something bad will happen if you do not go to college. So after six years of brainwashing techniques and fear make them make their decision.

Should Everyone Go College

But anyone taking Points 101 about college knows that I quoted statistic that includes a basic selection bias. A true test is as follows: take 2000 people who want to go to college, that is, who have the ambition, drive, intelligence, etc. Divide it in half. Tell half can go to college. Tell the other half will NEVER go to college. THEN, look where 20 years later are. My guess is that the party has had five years ahead (on average it takes five years to complete a degree 4) and are loaded with $ 100-300k debt is far ahead of the party going to college during five years (and then maybe after graduate school). Many people will argue with me and say not about money. I agree 100% with this. However, in the US, student loan debt is now greater than the credit card debt for the first time in history. So if it becomes a money thing. Whose fault is this?

Not only this, in the last 40 years, tuition fees have increased 10 times faster than inflation and three times faster than healing. Healing is a typical national debate. Why no tuition fees? Why should we force our children 18 years old now take so much debt? It is now three times higher than when I graduated from college and graduated with about $ 70k of debt that I had to return.

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