Quick Tips on How to Enable Streaming To Your PC or Other Streaming Device

Oh, the joys of technology

If you have been alive as long as I have, you may remember the days when you had to rush home to watch your favorite show. You probably had to fight your sibling or call dibs on the remote in advance to make sure you were watching the show when it started. In those days, we made due with the picture quality and gave the TV set a few clocks on the side to fix such problems.

How to Enable Streaming To Your PC

Tips on How to Enable Streaming To Your PC
How to Enable Streaming To Your PC

So imagine my joy at the fact that I can now stream my favorite shows and watch them on my computer (no need to fight or bribe anyone) or on my HDTV, which now come with inbuilt internet access capabilities. As a matter of fact, if you’re within the WOW service area, or your service provider’s area, you don’t have to rush home to watch your show.

Here’s how to do it

As I have already alluded to, there are basically two ways to perform online streaming: you can stream your content to your PC or to your HDTV. Let’s start with streaming to the PC.

There are a few easy steps to get this done. First, you have to have the right operating software on your computer and it needs to be up to date. This way, you won’t have incompatibility issues when streaming your shows.
Next, ensure that your internet connection is stable. Your PC or mobile device needs to have a wireless receiver and stable connection for your viewing pleasure.

You will also need the necessary application to enable you to stream your content. The application creates an interface between your system and the streaming website. Most companies will require some payment to access these applications.

Now that you have the application, go ahead and launch it. For first-time use, you may have to register and log in, but if your PC is private, you can save the log in information to avoid that process later. Make sure to give all the information needed by the application in order for them to customize your service.

Finally, go ahead and watch what you want! You can choose programs from the schedule provided by the application and simply enjoy yourself.

Using a streaming device

This is preferred when you want to stream to your HDTV. Now, as much as computers and mobile devices are popular, nothing can match the size and subsequent experience of a TV screen (except a movie screen, of course). So if you want to stream content to your TV, here’s how you do it.

Access your network and connect your smart device, then select the appropriate input mode on your HDTV. A home screen will appear when you turn on the streaming device and sometimes, pairing between your streaming device and smart device may be required.

Allow communication between your streaming device and smart device, then enable ‘mirroring’. This is done by adjusting the settings on your smart device to allow everything showing on it to be mirrored on the TV screen.
Now you can activate the streaming icon on your browser to allow direct streaming to HDTV, sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy.

Easy as pie, right?

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