Email Marketing Best Practices to Attract New Subscribers

Email marketing has evolved over the years to be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase conversion rates and boost your sales. As a business owner, you need an endless list of email subscribers to share deals, news, and content if you want to increase your sales. But how do you get these subscribers?

Email Marketing Best Practices

The key lies in attracting the right kind of people who will regularly engage with your business and take the required actions. Here, we will share the best email marketing practices to attract new subscribers and achieve extraordinary results.

1] Build a Landing Page

A landing page is a simple page of your website, like all other pages where you add your targeted email campaign. When your visitors browse on this page, they’ll find it essential to subscribe to your email list before they proceed further on your website. A landing page is a tested and successful method to grow your email list.

You can link this landing page to your referral sources, social media promotions, emails, and more. Keep in mind that the landing page must align with the referral source in content and design. For example, if your Facebook or Twitter post promises a free calculator download, your page better offers the same thing.

2] Add an Attractive Welcome Massage

A powerful and attractive welcome message to a community of like-minded and adventuring customers can be a great source of getting email subscribers. Welcome emails have higher unique open rates of 86%, click rates of 196%, and transaction rates of 336% compared to a promotional email.

Therefore, be sure to send a welcome email if customers or prospects opt-in to receive your emails. Set expectations for promotion content and frequency of emails the customers will be getting from your brand.

Besides, send a series of welcome emails to nurture and educate new subscribers about your product and services, as well as incentivize them to purchase.

3] Offer a Discount or Incentive

Creating and curating excellent content is one way to attract people to sign up to your email subscribers list, but offering discounts or incentives can be more productive. A little cross-promotion can drive the audience to your mailing list, where you can arguably form a deeper relationship with them.

You need to use something that compels people to act, whether it’s a dollar amount, percentage, gift, or other offers. It’s a fantastic way to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers. Remember to include a product(s) image, if possible, and a visible link back to the shopping cart so customers can complete their purchase.

4] Activate your Social Accounts

Chances are you already spend several on various social media platforms to interact with your connections. But why don’t you use that time to market your campaign and grow your mailing list? It’s time to get people following you by subscribing to your mail list.

You don’t need to spam your campaign link on social media channels. You can invite people following you on Twitter and Facebook to join your email newsletter by posting a signup link on your profile.

5] Add CTA on Your Website

Those visitors who visit your site are especially important. Now, it’s time to get them converted from a temporary visitor into a consumer. The call to action is mandatory when working with email marketing. The call to action grabs your customer’s attention and asks them to perform some action like signup for your newsletter.

Use action words or create a sense of urgency by putting words such as “today” and “now.” It’s quick and easy to put a signup form on your website. With designmodo HTML email, you can have a signup form published on your site within minutes!

6] Encourage People to Share your Newsletter

This tip might seem outdated, but it still works. Asking your existing subscribers to forward the email can be a great way to find like-minded prospects.

But if you’re going to use this method, you need to create a way for new people to sign up and ensure the people who get the forwarded email don’t click the unsubscribe button so that they don’t remove themselves from the original recipient list.

Most email service providers include Forward to Friend functionality in your messages, and some even include the ability to share your newsletter on social networks directly. You can also offer rewards to your subscribers for sharing your newsletter if you want to grow your list quickly.

7] Minimize the Clicks Required to Subscribe

Most people place their opt-in form on the front page of their site, which is excellent. But what happens if people land on other pages? Don’t make the same mistake. Add a place to sign up for your email list on every page of your website. Include your top-performing promotions, and don’t be afraid to ask for the subscription.

Also, stop asking people to provide irrelevant information. Don’t need Address? Don’t ask for them. Have no use for customer phone numbers? Don’t ask people. Keep it short and straightforward. Stick to the bare essentials. Only ask for the information you need.

If you need the other information, you can ask for it later. Making it very easy to subscribe by asking only for an email address will increase your subscription rate.


Growing an email list is essential if you want to promote business. Not only it’s a great way to increase sales and interactions, but it also increases brand exposure. However, there’s no easy route for an email list that gets thousands of subscribers, but you can work to build a highly successful email list by implementing the techniques above.

No matter what your business goals are, you can find this email marketing best practices to help you reach it. We hope this guide helped you to learn how to grow your email list. Implement these seven tips on getting new email subscribers so you can boost your sales and keep your business profitable for years to come.

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