Eight Benefits of Product Videos

Videos tell a story through images, allowing users to process the information faster and more efficiently. Any business that offers an item for sale benefits from product videos highlighting what makes their offering unique.

Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2020 surveyed 656 respondents made up of both consumers and marketers. They found about 85% of businesses use video for marketing. Explainer videos are the most popular category at 72%, followed by presentation videos and testimonials.

Benefits of Product Videos

Using product videos as a promotional tool offers many benefits. Here are eight reasons you should add these visual elements to your marketing lineup today.

1] Boost Conversion Rates

Various studies have shown video boosts conversion rates on nearly any e-commerce site. Some reports state as much as an 80% increase in conversions, although this rate may vary depending upon your video and the market itself.

Because you can tell a much richer story through images than text alone, videos are an effective way to show consumers just what your product is capable of.

2] Reach Younger People

Placing your video on YouTube and other social media sites allows you to reach a younger demographic that you may not reach via search engines alone.

Many experts estimate by the year 2025, half of younger viewers will no longer watch television but instead use online streaming services for their entertainment needs.

Craftsman offers numerous product videos on their YouTube channel. Each video is heavily branded with the company name both in captioning and in product placement.

In the video above for a corded hammer drill, the hand showing how the drill works is also encased in a glove sporting the name “Craftsman.” Text is sparse — but when it appears, it highlights the benefits of the tool.

3] Keep Their Attention

The average person only reads part of each page they land on. However, many people will view a short video until the end. This undivided attention allows you to get your entire message out instead of only part of it.

While written content still has its place, adding video to your lineup creates an additional layer of understanding and another opportunity to reach potential customers.

4] Show the Possibilities

A static photo of a product doesn’t offer much information in the ways consumers might use the item. Creating a product video allows you to highlight the gadget in use.

You may even feature additional applications for an item that the viewer hadn’t thought of. In addition, seeing the product in use gives the consumer a better understanding of the product’s size and functions.

Product video

Pequea features a landing page showcasing some of their popular trailers and agricultural equipment, as well as their common uses. Seeing the large equipment in action allows possible customers to decide if that particular item is right for their requirements or if they need a different machine.

5] Invite More Sharing

About 58% of internet users around the globe upload and share videos. When you create videos, you offer rich content people are interested in sharing with family and friends. You can also add the videos to your social media profiles for an even more significant boost in the number of people seeing your content.

Make the videos entertaining, heartwarming or unique to increase the chances people will share with others.

As one person sees the video, likes it and shares it with their audience, you increase your reach exponentially as many others see the video and have a chance to share with new viewers. Sharing can be a broad yet highly effective word-of-mouth advertising strategy.

6] Reduced Returns

When people see a video in action and what a product is capable of, you increase the chances of buyer satisfaction. The customer receives fewer surprises when the product arrives, so they are less likely to return the item due to it not meeting their needs.

Returns cost your company money. Plus, you wind up with an unsatisfied customer. It’s much better to ensure people like your product before they even purchase it.


Kelty added product videos and cute animated short films to their website to highlight some of their outdoor gear. A case study of the brand showed changing their design and adding videos for a better customer experience increased conversions by 147% and better attracted mobile audiences.

7] Improve SEO

During your own internet searches, you’ve probably noticed videos now appear at the top of search page results. If you want to optimize your reach, adding videos gives you another way to tap into the search engine rankings game.

While you can control a few elements – such as your description, your video’s quality and the keywords you choose – you can’t control whether Google and other browsers pull up your video over all the others on the same topic. Make the best video you can, and you’re sure to turn up in at least a few additional results.

8] Showcase Your Personality

Every brand has a unique personality. Video is a useful way to highlight your voice as a brand. Will you be funny, serious or somewhere in between?

Think about the reasons you started your business and how you can share that passion through images. With a little practice, your videos will grab user interest and take them on a journey.

Another Tool in Your Arsenal

Look at videos as an added tool you can use while marketing to your target audience. As its popularity continues to grow, expect more and more brands to jump on board. For now, videos are a great tool to grab user interest and highlight what your product can do.

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