Dream11 Fantasy Sports Platform – Here’s What We Thought

We all love playing games on our phone, especially if it involves making real cash. Traditional combat games are a thing of the past now. Of late, people are leaning towards the fantasy sports games as opposed to the conventional games.

Dream11 - Fantasy Cricket

They are fun to play, and they do not take as much storage as a traditional game. Many people have expressed their sheer satisfaction of defeating a real person in a fantasy cricket or football game quite often.

While there are many fantasy sports platforms where you can play fantasy cricket, football and other games online, there is one that particularly impressed people with its features – Dream11. Just in case you aren’t aware of it, let’s take a brief glimpse about Dream11.

Dream11 is an online platform wherein you can use all your sports knowledge to build your own fantasy team featuring real-life players. Based on the player performance in real life, your fantasy teams points are affected. So, if the players chosen in your fantasy team score well, you stand to earn more points.

These points, in turn, help you score money or they like to call it ‘winnings’. Available to play on browsers, Android and iOS, we shall be reviewing the platform in this review and see how much fun they can be for sports lovers?

The look and feel of the platform to have a refreshing vibe to it. As per their website, the Dream11 app has been downloaded more than 27 million times and currently holds an app rating of 4.2 stars.

The same can be said about their website which feels butter smooth with the user interface being quite easy to navigate. This makes it a major plus for new users joining the platform.

Logging into Dream11 too is a breeze. You can do a quick Facebook or Google login. If you have a referral code received from a friend, you can use it during login to get free credits to use during the matches.

Dream11 Android App

Another win for new users is how the rules and regulation of the games have been laid out in a clear and transparent manner.

In terms of playing experiences, Dream11 offers a wide range of fantasy sports options like fantasy cricket, kabaddi, football, etc. Basically, there is something for every sports enthusiast on the platform.

Users can choose between playing free contests and cash contests. Dream11 recommends you to play for free initially. But once you get the hang of it, then you can start playing for money.

In order for someone to play for money, they need to deposit the money in their Dream11 account first. The process of depositing money is quite simple through a One Time Account Verification process.

Once done, you can withdraw and deposit money as many times without zero hassles of verification involved. Even while reviewing them, we didn’t encounter any problems while depositing or withdrawing cash.

Those concerned about whether the game is legal to play or not. Be rest assured, the Supreme Court of India has declared fantasy sports as a legal activity and has referred it to be a game of skill.

Those who wish to know more about the legality and other aspects of fantasy sports can refer to Indian Federation Of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) websites.


This is what we think about Dream11. If you like playing fantasy sports games like fantasy cricket, football or kabbadi online, you would surely love Dream11.

Dream11 offers a very smooth gaming experience and didn’t crash once during our time playing it. In short, Dream11 is very fun to use with little to no issues.

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