5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

As an increasing number of companies and individuals rely on the internet for the majority of their business transactions, it has never been more important to learn about the latest digital marketing trends.

Keeping abreast of the latest developments is a great way to refine your skills and ensure you are one step ahead of the competition.

Digital Marketing Trends

Here are five digital marketing trends you need to be aware of.

SEO is becoming more prevalent

There is no doubt that search engine optimization is a core pillar of digital marketing, and that trend is only set to continue as more brands make use of audience search terms.

The trick with mastering SEO is to make sure you are posting regularly enough. It is easy to start a blog, but it is not so easy to maintain it on a daily basis, posting compelling content that benefits your audience.

This is why businesses are beginning to struggle with content fatigue, in the race to release more content than rival brands. To combat this, it could be a good idea to collaborate with an SEO specialist such as SEO Ibérica to share the workload.

Businesses are relying on their CEO to become celebrities

Another intriguing digital marketing trend is the increase of CEOs who have become mini-celebrities within their industries. There is no shortage of YouTube or Instagram personalities who use their charismatic persona to attract clients to their companies.

These personalities usually achieve this by posting free content in a popular niche, but the phenomenon is apparent all the way up the food chain. For example, figures like Elon Musk and Richard Branson have developed cult-like followings off the back of their personalities, which has helped them increase the exposure of their companies.

You don’t have to go to these extreme lengths to exploit this trend, though. Simply starting an industry blog, YouTube channel, or appearing on relevant podcasts can do enough to boost your profile and help promote your brand.

Work with established influencers to boost your brand image

Another trend worth keeping an eye on is the dramatic increase of influencers who are teaming up with brands, whether through promotional posts or full-time ambassador roles.

When done right, this is a fantastic way of building awareness of your brand and using the social proof of the influencer to add credibility to your products.

Of course, this can backfire spectacularly if you choose the wrong influencer to partner with. If they appear in the headlines for the wrong reasons, or your brand doesn’t suit their niche, then it could end up tarnishing your brand image.

Authenticity will always beat following the herd

It has always been important, but brand authenticity is particularly on-trend at the moment. With clickbait proving a huge issue online, brands that stick to their values and dare to be different standout.

There is no shortage of copycat companies that attempt to find success by emulating the marketing tactics or products created by an industry-leading brand, but this rarely works. Instead, be brave enough to stick to your own path, and you will be rewarded in the long run.

Email lists are coming back into fashion

Social media was the most fashionable place to do business and promote your brand for a long while. However, that is beginning to change, as companies realize that email lists give them more autonomy, a greater level of control over their customer base, and the ability to send daily emails without needing to invest heavily in photos, videos, or other enticing forms of media.

Email lists are growing in popularity again, so it could be worth exploring the idea of building a list.

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