Outstanding Designing Tips To Increase Website Engagement

“Creative designing is always proven to attract the followers.”

It doesn’t matter, in which industry you are working, there is always a chance that your website is battling for visitor attention. One of the biggest question when designing a website is, will the design of the site is good enough to build brand awareness and engage potential customers in the right way? I have mentioned five designing tips below that will increase engagement on your website.

Best Designing Tips To Improve Website Engagement

increase website engagement

1. Be clear

It means you have to develop unique ideas for your website so that visitors can get the clear perspective about your site content and detail overview of subtopics. It would make easy for a visitor to know about important details. Also, it is an important key factor to understand the target audience’s area of interest.

2. Take a recap of the colors and fonts after you complete

You will find some posts which define deeper information on this, but I will explain it you in short.

Let’s look at the color first.

If you stick to a particular color display, then it will become your brand recognition. For example, when you visit the website of Coca-Cola, you will find all reds and blues there. It completely matches with their brand image.

Not only with your brand but you should also consider the interest of gender and shopping habit of the customers for whom you are designing the site. Other things like culture, nationality, niche, etc. also are important things to keep in mind for color formation.

You have to remember that, no any single color can impact a significant across all your marketing campaigns and website designs.

Choose the color combination for your logos according to your brand and website design carefully.

Now, switching to fonts.

When a visitor comes to your site, the second thing that attracts of districts is the font of your site content (The first is, of course, the color). Choose right fonts for the content which perfectly evoke your emotions.

When you use general CMS themes like WordPress, there are chances of other people also using the same for their business website. What makes your site differ from them is, the font style and formats you use. Right fonts will not only differ you from others but also put you a step ahead of them.

If you confuse about choosing the fonts, you can take a look at the Google Fonts to compare different styles at the same time.

FYI, it is easy to read on a print than on a computer screen.

3. Engage your customers through various Sign-up forms

Designing in a right direction is the most important step for developing conversion rates and grabbing the attention of targeted audiences. You have to be very distinctive in developing various forms by including multiple calls to actions for different conversion opportunities.

4. Use Icons efficiently

Icons help you in a most efficient way when describing products and services and when you need to add a lot of text. Icons provide an interactive way and create glyphs to represent the texts. They guide the user’s eyes and make them comfortable while reading the longer posts.

5. Create website for all platforms

The use of internet over mobile devices increased these days drastically. Almost 40% of the traffic on my site Best On Internet comes from the mobile devices. These statistics are my personal, and the ratio of mobile users vs. desktop users can increase more than this for your site. So, you should make your site responsive for all platforms.

Recently, Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which allows the readers to get the best search results according to their device. Google has also updated their algorithms (Whoa, how many updates they will make every year?) which also affect the rankings of the websites according to their mobile formats and readability. So, you should make sure that your site content is displaying correctly in all types of devices.


Your website plays a big part in making your brand personality and conveys the message on behalf of you. These five tips will help you to craft a compelling design of your website. They are powerful and easy to follow tips. If you have other great ideas for increasing website engagement with stunning designs, then please share it with me below in the comments. 🙂

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