Protecting Your Identity: What Can Dark Web Monitoring Tools do to Help You Remain Safe?

Dark web monitoring also referred to as cyber monitoring, is a feature that helps in detecting and preventing identity theft. This feature makes it possible for you to identify and receive notification concerning the activities on the dark web. The dark web, as an underbelly of the internet, is an area that is hidden from the search engines and can only be accessed using a special kind of browser.

Identity Theft Protection

The dark web can hide IP addresses, making it possible for fraudsters to carry out their activities undetected. If your organization experiences cyber hacks and your customers’ data lands into the wrong hands, there’s a high chance the dark web has been used to execute such tasks.

Therefore, it stands to reason that dark web monitoring tools are essential in boosting security and detecting vulnerabilities and identity breaches.

How Monitoring is done

When it comes to preventing fraudulent and other unauthorized online activities, it is essential first to understand how dark web data monitoring works.  Since the early signs of attacks are often traced back to communication in the Deep Web section, a risk prevention system needs to deal with any content relating to the brand under consideration.

An effective monitoring system along with a cyber surveillance platform allows your organization to enjoy complete protection and security through provision of intelligence. This implies that with the right monitoring tools and the best strategies in place, your organization can fight any kind of threat. To make sure your business is 100 percent safe; the Deep Web is monitored throughout.


Today, the cybersecurity guys are locked in a battle with savvy criminals in the cyber world. Various measures to shut down all vulnerabilities within organizations have been exploited, but these criminals seem to get better with time.

According to a study by experts in cybercrime, a large percentage of the disclosed vulnerabilities are seen online before being appearing in the National Vulnerability Database. For the cybercriminals, this is quite a head start.

With the right monitoring tools and making use of the reports concerning these vulnerabilities, companies may be in a position to close the gap between cybersecurity and cybercrime.


When businesses can access the same information available to the criminals, they can be forewarned about the various angles of attack, making it easier to focus on the resources that enable them to management such vulnerabilities effectively.

Monitoring Rogue Employees

Apart from cybercriminals, dark web monitoring tools can also help organizations to monitor the activities of the rogue employees. These tools may aid in uncovering insider recruitment attempts or workers who attempt to sell credentials or data belonging to the organization.

Today, insiders are actively recruited in large numbers, that’s why it’s advisable to keep a keen eye on the activities occurring in the dark web.

Your business can neutralize threats and detect vulnerabilities by hiring dark web experts. However, if you can do your own research, then this is a more preferred route as opposed to relying on third-parties. Whichever option you prefer, dark web monitoring will help you to garner tangible intelligence and boost your cyber defenses.

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