Creative Ways To Surprise Your Valentine Without Going Broke

It is no rocket science that your Valentine expects you to gift her/him something great and have a plan for this special day. You have to find ways to spend less money on gifts, but still make it as creative and magical as it would be. Being broke does not have to mean that you are left with no options to surprise your beloved.

Some of the ideas below involve sharing time, along with a little thoughtfulness. And we promise that the memories of these would last long. Here are a few ways that lets you express your love in a more cost-effective way.

How to Surprise Your Valentine Without Going Broke

Use Online deals and discounts

If buying her/him an expensive diamond ring is not on your mind, you can always surprise them with the all-time favorite gifts like; flowers, teddy bears, cakes, and more.. Check out the Valentine’s day offers available online and you will find prices slashed on customized gifts, clothing, flowers and more. Ferns N Petals gift coupons is one such example as this website draws huge traffic on this day. A boon for all lovers in long-distance relationships, and savior if you couldn’t get the day off to spend time with your loved one.

Compare prices

You must agree with us when we say that a price comparison for almost everything that you buy online is a must. You could get a product at a lesser price rather than paying in full. If you wish to gift gadgets likes smart watches or phones, check out the best deal available. Several deals and coupon websites let you find electronics, smart phones, gadgets, grooming products, beauty products, cosmetics and much more at lesser prices than the others. They update their websites with the best deals, each day.

Check out more low-cost ideas, but creative here




Something that’s handcrafted, be it a photo frame or a mug is much better than an impulsive gift you would opt to buy just for the sake of gifting. You can create a photo frame from your favorite memories and embellish it with paint or printed papers. There are tons of tutorials online to make cost-effective gifts that will surely speak volumes for your love. It will also show your loved ones how creative and thoughtful you are and how much effort has been put into making it a special day for them.

A message card

A message card

A message card

You necessarily don’t have to be a genius in arts and crafts to show how creative you are when it comes to picking up gifts for your Valentine. Just showing your love and how much you care, would go a long way. You may consider making a paper card and writing something funny and unique on it. This simple message card is worth hundreds of gifts and is also time-effective.

Satisfy his/her sweet tooth

Satisfy his/her sweet tooth

Satisfy his/her sweet tooth

Those freshly baked cakes, pies, cookies is everyone’s favorite. Even if you are an amateur cook, there are still plenty of simple recipes you could try. Win your Valentine’s heart with a delicious dessert. That will sure be a sweet ending to this special day!

Shop practical household gifts

Consider this. What if your gift not only serves the purpose of making her/him happy but is also something that will make both of your lives more convenient. Be it buying a new couch or replacing old bed lampshades with the new ones; these gifts are practical and better than any cheesy ones that we have mentioned above.

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