5 Essential Clash Royale Tips for Beginners

Clash Royale is a card based PvP Brawler and fast paced game. In this game, the player needs to combat in battle with another player by deporting the troops and spells on, the opponent’s towers and destroy them before their troops and spells do the same with your towers.

This game is developed and published by Supercell. It is an Elixir based game as the main focus in the game is on Elixir. It can be said as the spin-off of the previous Supercell’s game i.e. Clash of Clan.

The Game is all about destroying the opponent’s king’s tower and win all the trophies i.e. 3 Crowns. The 1st Crown is won by destroying one Tower of the opponent’s, and the same procedure also wins 2nd Crown, but the final Crown is only achieved by destroying the main and important tower of the opponent i.e. opponent’s king’s tower.

Clash Royale Tactics
Clash Royale Tactics

It is a card game where Common, Rare and Epic troops can be found easily. The cards can be earned from the treasure box that can be claimed by daily rewards and by winning battles from the opponents.

The currency of the game is known as Gem. Gems can be used for buying Elixir and coins. You can earn Gems by the Treasure box and you can also buy Gems with affordable price from the game shop.

As a beginner, it is a challenge figuring out the game with the lack of guides and information, so we, at TechFeats0, are here to help you in giving you the information about the tech topics. Following are some of the best Clash Royale hack to play the game efficiently:

1. How to Play

The game starts with signing in the account with device/ google/ Facebook account. After signing in the account, you will be headed to the battle round. There are 10 Training orders you need to win to reach to the Multi-Player battle round. In total there are 11 playing areas and 13 levels for reaching to the top of the game. There is ranking by trophies you win in multi-player battles and with each battle, you will also gain some experience and points.

2. How to Win the Battle

To win a battle, you must destroy opponent’s king’s Tower or destroy one more tower than your competitor within the given time of the battle. The total time for a battle is 3 minutes. If you get a tie in game battle then there will be an extra minute given to you.

If you can destroy any tower first in that given extra time then victory will be yours. If neither you nor your opponent can destroy any tower after the extra time then the battle will be considered as a draw. If you win a battle then you will be awarded trophies. To win the battle, when you will destroy the towers you will get crowns in return.

To get the 1st crown, you need to destroy one tower and for the 2nd crown, another tower is to be destroyed and finally, for the 3rd crown King’s tower of the opponent is needed to be destroyed.

3. Elixir- Need of Game

As it is already known that the main focus of the game is on Elixir, the game would become boring without elixir. Your game will load more Elixir every second up to 10 Elixir level. If you waste your Elixir on weak troops then you may lose the battle. You can also buy Elixir and coins from the shop of the game by the gems.

4. Selection of Clan

When you have cleared the training program then you can join any clan and also you can create your own clan. You with your friends can battle with other clans to increase your clan’s strength.

To be in a clan you need to go on the Social button and then search for the best clans. If you get a clan that you like then you can just for the entry (if the clan setting asks for it) or just join the clan and can enjoy the game with in a team.

5. Gems usage

The currency of the game is Gems. The Gems are so valuable that you can only get them through treasure boxes and also you can buy them by spending Real Money on the game.

These gems can buy you Elixirs, treasure boxes, coins, etc. You can also use gems in levelling up your cards faster. So don’t waste these gems for any other things that you will regret later.

The above-discussed Tips have been tested and then recommended to you. You may also find other services attractive, so if you have any other recommendation regarding any Tech information/questions, please do share.

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