Cisco Poe Is One of the Most Popular Products In the Market Right Now

Versa technology is a company that was founded in 1994 and has been a leader in networking products. The main aim of the company from its inception has been to sell products that are in demand in the market at that point of time. They have always ensured that these products are versatile and at the same time have been cost effective. And now after almost seventeen years in the industry, the company is bidding to compete against the best manufacturers of networking products in the world. The main purpose of the company is to ultimately be able to manufacture equipment that is versatile and at the same time is adaptable to a range of different business products.

Cisco Poe Switch

Cisco Poe
Cisco Poe

Cisco 8 Port Poe Switch

If you are purchasing a product such as the cisco poe (Power over Ethernet) from Versa Technology, then you can rest assured that you are purchasing a world- class product. Versa Technology enjoys a global presence and delivers its products to a number of countries all over the world. The biggest advantage of Versa technology is that it is extremely popular in developed as well as developing countries as the products they manufacture can be used on existing phone connections. This will help save you the trouble as well as the money to set up a new connection.

Poe products are basically switch products that will guarantee you a high performance as well as being cost effective. Cisco poe is one such product that will allow you to combine data as well as power on a single cable to IP phones or for that matter even IP security cameras. TheVX-PI100 IEEE 802.3af compatible poe injector is the latest product that has been manufactured by Versa technology is a very compatible product and will work with any access points that are 802.3af cisco compatible which includes the cisco poe which is now 802.3af standard.

With so much experience, Versa Technology has developed a way to read the market and to realize the equipment that the customers really need. These products have been chosen as they are versatile and can adapt to the changing needs of the market. Versa Technology also tries their best to make products like cisco poe as affordable as possible. The company has an email address that you can contact them on or in case of an emergency they also have a toll free number as well as a fax number. They even have a separate number on which you can call them and be able to get an estimate in case you will be ordering products in bulk.

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