Choosing Your Domain Name for Maximum Impact

Starting an online business can be an exciting adventure. It also has a lot of tasks associated with it before you ever launch your website. One of the most important tasks to complete for your business is to make a domain name registration purchase.

How to Choose Your Domain Name

Choosing Your Domain Name

This will give you the website name that your brand needs to get customers on the site. But how do you choose your domain name? Is it really that important? Here are some steps you can take to maximize your visibility online with the help of your domain name.

Start with Your Brand Name

It may seem like an obvious choice, but many first-time website owners may have different ideas. No matter what you sell, whether it’s products or services, people are more likely to find you with your brand name than with a general keyword as your domain name.

If you sell jewelry, for example, customers will associate your brand name with jewelry and seek out the brand name, rather than the generic keyword of jewelry. These keywords are still going to be included in your content, so search engines will learn to associate broad keywords with your website over time anyway.

Generic keywords can be a part of the domain name if you cannot purchase your exact brand name’s website. It should be avoided, though sometimes that isn’t possible. As long as it still has the brand name with it, your customers should be able to find you.

Stick with Top-Level Domains

Stick with Top-Level Domains

A .com is the most coveted domain for a business. Although there are plenty of other domain options, getting a .com will show that you brand is professional and safe to browse. Lower ranking domains such as .biz are often associated with spam, which leads to search engines giving them a lower SEO ranking.

This is something you want to avoid, especially if you are working with a newly established brand. However, if you are buying multiple domains, you can buy these less desired domain names to redirect to your main site, but it needs to be in addition to your top-level domain purchase.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

When it comes to adding hyphens and numbers, customers can get confused. Telling a customer to go to your website without seeing it written down can be difficult to explain with a hyphen and lead them to another website not associated with your business.

What’s worse is that it could lead customers to a competitor’s website. With numbers, it isn’t always clear whether customers should use the numeral or spell out the number. To avoid confusion, try not using numbers unless it is deeply associated with your brand, and customers already know which type of number to use.

Keep it Short and Simple

The best domain names are short and simple so that everyone can find the website they are looking for. Without numbers, hyphens or sub-level domains, customers will be able to reach your website and find exactly what they need. 🙂

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