Career Options With a Degree In Physics

Most aspirants would have developed an interest for physics during their school days when topics like Newton’s first law of motion, gravity, etc was covered. As it would have created curiosity and interest in the child, making them major in physics. One possibly attractive aspect of choosing to study physics is the variety of career options in it, which are not set in any particular direction.

Career Information for a Degree in General Physics

The Career Paths of Physics Graduates

In diverse sectors skills of physics, graduates are in high demand. With a BSc degree in Physics or Engineering Physics, students can opt careers in science, research and development, education, engineering, medicine, business, the military and law.

As per the Institute of Physics (IOP), whereas the average graduate initial pay in the UK is £19,700 which is almost equal to $29,270 those with a Bachelor of Science in Physics earn £22,500 which is approx. $33,410 and those with a Master in Physics earn around £23,300 which is around $34,600.

Here are some typical career options with a degree physics.

 1) Careers in astronomy and space

During childhood, almost every child wants to become an astronaut, but the chance of getting an astronaut increases if you opt for studying physics. There are limited roles in the space sector and the competition is also high. Most don’t include any direct connection with space travel.

An undergraduate degree is enough for trainee and administrative roles in this sector. But at least a master’s degree is needed for more specialized and higher-level roles. Roles related to astronomy and space include museums and planetariums are being offered by research institutes, within both the public and private sectors and other organizations.

An astronomer’s job is mainly to study spacecraft, the universe and collecting data from global satellites and optical telescopes and operating radio.  Other tasks within this sector include research and investigation of new technologies and materials, measuring the performance of existing technologies and materials, and problem-solving at the design stage.

2) Careers in health care

There are numerous career options in the healthcare sector. There are lots of similarity between Medical physics and biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineers work side by side physicists to create, analyse and maintain medical equipment and technologies. Areas like radiation oncology, radiology and nuclear medicine are preferable for physicists, in order to approve and test the latest equipment and technologies.

Responsibilities like create, quality assurance and research are included in this area. Roles based on research are available in this field within medical technology companies, healthcare providers, research centres and academic institutions. For many of these roles knowledge of radiation detection, materials science and accelerator physics is also valuable, and in a relevant specialization a master’s degree will also give you a lift in the industry.

3) Careers in Meteorology and Geophysics

Candidates who study physics are equally main for environmental careers because they understand the processes in which the earth functions in a scientific way. Geophysicists spend their time in predicting the natural disasters whereas meteorologists give attention on areas like daily weather forecasting as well as researching the long-term effects of climate change.

These above mentioned career options, help the candidate to pursue different field with a Physics Degree giving them options in hand.

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