5 Reasons Career In Android Development Is Rewarding

We are living in an era of development! The human race has never touched this hike of technological advancement and Android by Google is no more a distant idea. This platform has gone viral and reaches every nook and corner around the world.

What is it that is so aspiring for Android developers? Is it the widely admired OS that is considered as an ocean of opportunities or the thrill of creating something that will be used by millions of users all over the globe?

Android Development Will Change Your Career

Android Development

Regardless of your passion and reasons, there are many benefits of becoming an Android developer and most of them are displayed below:

1. High Earning Prospects

Apart from passion, money is also an important criteria of selection your career. Android is an open source platform unveiled by Google in 2007, and since then it has become the most common platform for mobile app development. With the onslaught of the robust utility of Android gadgets, Android development has gained a domain foothold in the IT industry. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with many great prospects for young, talented, and passionate developers. Sky is the limit!

There are more than 1,467,900 apps in Google Play store and growing at a faster pace. If you’re talented, you will not only have a place in the market, but great opportunities. Companies are always looking to pay higher price for the right talent.

2. Freedom to challenge yourself

Android development is generally considered a logical, mathematic, left-brained activity which excites creative individuals. This is a fascinating career path, as this platform is widely utilized to build interactive applications for various sectors such as gaming, entertainment, business, education, and industrial sectors.

Other than the technical skills, today’s employers are looking for candidates, those who have good management and client-communication ability. There are so many factors that are not only challenging but also exciting, and will keep the spirit alive!

3. Opportunities to Work with Big Companies

Companies like American Express, Groupon, Systel, Google, AOL and more are looking for you! They are always on a hunt for talented developers that can bring new ideas and talent to their workplace. What can be a better prospect of becoming or hire Android app developer than getting the opportunity of working with Google?

4. Good Pay packages

Because of the huge demand of proficient Android coders, the average wage of a developer is quite lofty. And, in fact, many big IT companies are offering as high as 98,000 $ to senior developers have two to three years of experience. Whereas a junior Android programmer can easily get 20,000$ to 40,000 $ depending on his skills set, and knowledge.

Android Training

If you are considering stepping in the world of Android application development, then it is advisable to undergo a Mobile App Development Training. It is vital to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge of Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Java and Plug-ins to excel in this field of IT.

Hope with your passion, you can accomplish many great things in development career. 🙂

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