Why Businesses Need To Focus On Customers First

There is no number one, all-encompassing secret to success in business. With that said, there is one thing that all businesses and their leaders should remember when it comes to running their business successfully: the customer needs to be your focus.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Focus More on Customer Service


Every single time.

It may sound obvious – you can’t really expect to do well in business if you aren’t willing to have a good relationship with your customers. They’re the entire reason organizations stay afloat, and without a good company-to-client relationship, you cannot succeed in the majority of business endeavors.

But the truth is, some companies and their leaders get distracted with other responsibilities when it comes to operational concerns, and business owners can forget that the customer needs to always be the focus — even when there are a million other things they might feel they need to pay attention to first. Customers need to be at the center for businesses to succeed. Period.

Take the diamond industry, for example.  Here strong customer service is particularly important.  According to research by Insight Squared, 66% of customers will switch companies due to poor service, and 58% are more willing to spend more with companies that offer excellent customer service. Diamonds are an investment, and diamond retailers and anyone else involved in trying to sell these precious gemstones to consumers need to be willing to invest their time and expertise in those customers to encourage them to stick around.

Shift over to Paragon International Wealth Management, a Toronto-based firm that provides guidance in investing in fancy colored diamonds. Paragon International Wealth Management works with customers looking to invest in fancy colored diamonds, and their team focuses on making sure their clients are given as much information as possible when it comes to sources and knowing about the diamonds they invest in.

But not every business seems to have figured this out.

Articles have been written in recent years about how even business juggernauts like Walmart can forget to focus on the customer and what they value. And it’s not just a problem for companies in North America — in 2014, The Guardian published a piece on how British supermarket giant Tesco had lost touch with what their customers wanted.

An infographic provided by Customers That Stick showed that customers will stick with a brand if they experience friendly customer service interactions.  Also, that customers are generally willing to pay more for a “superior customer experience.”

Customer service

Loyal customers spend more and have larger transactions. And while the better bottom line isn’t the biggest success out of retaining those customers, it certainly doesn’t hurt matters.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business should make sure to have processes in place to guarantee the customer is the focus every time.

There may not be a magic formula to succeed in business, but never losing sight of the fact that the customer is the reason you’re there is more important than any one article can explain. 🙂

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