Big Budget Design and Printing With Mom and Pop Value

When you want to promote your business, it can be easily assumed that you have to go with the lowest common denominator.

Big Budget Design and Printing

After all, many people presume that being anything but a larger company means having to do chintzy handmade promotional items that at best look “okay.” But then, being on the shoestring budget does not have to be a show stopper. You can still accomplish a lot, even with a modest budget.

Design Outsourcing Done Inexpensively

If you are not a professionally trained designer, it can be hard to design effectively for the needs of your company. In a lot of cases, these needs are more than just posters.

If you have ever designed a folding brochure, you know that these can quickly get very tricky. Any detail that looks off can single-handedly make the entire design look less professional.

Design Outsourcing

Having a full-time designer in your company can be challenging. Either they have to find things to do (which might include playing WoW when there are no assignments to be done) or you have to keep them constantly occupied with things that will not challenge their skills. This is one reason why so many companies outsource their design work.

Hiring a designer from one company and then having the items printed at another company can get downright expensive.

As well, if there is any kind of discrepancy between the software the companies use, or in the type of printing being done, what you see on the designer’s screen might look nothing like what you get in the final printed product. This means you have to spend even more because you have to do the same work twice.

With a company like, you can get everything you need to be designed and printed in the same place.

The designers are professional, the printers work closely with the designers, and the final result is as promised. Since is located in Singapore, they can pass their savings on to you.


So many companies will promise this or that, and then deliver what they feel like when and if they feel like doing so. This is a difficult way to do business, but it is all too common.

Finding a reliable company to work with can make all the difference. This would particularly be the case if you make sure that your company is reliable in itself.

One major part of reliability is keeping the consistency up. When the offering is consistent, you can trust it and focus your attention elsewhere. This focus comes from having the right kind of company culture, and this is something that cannot be faked for long.

When working with a company like, you can tell immediately that this is a company with people who care about doing their work correctly.

Without getting it done right, no one can trust anyone else. When the work is done right, however, you can focus on running your business, and trust that your promotional materials will be ready when you need them.

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