Best Kid Friendly Anime Series to Watch

The trend of anime series is growing at a rapid pace and more than kids, adults enjoy watching these series because they are that fantastic. The anime industry has grown to a whole another level, and that’s mainly because of the Chinese, Korean and Japanese people as they are the ones who started and created the first anime series.

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Now, probably the reason why you’ve landed on this article is because your kid doesn’t like watching cartoons and he prefers anime’s instead but on the other hand, we all know the fact that not all the anime series out there are children friendly.

So, if you are looking for a series that has no adult content inside and is safe for the children to watch then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to jot down some of the best kid friendly anime series to watch.

1- Captain Tsubasa (2018)

If your kid is in love with sports and specifically if he is interested in football then this series is the best and the most suitable for him because it actually revolves around Captain Tsubasa who tells the story of a person called Tsubasa Oozora and that how exactly he fell in love with football.

He tells everything and shares his experiences about friendships, rivalries and even his childhood. This series has 52 episodes at the moment and it’s still continued so yes, this can be an exciting anime for your little one.

2- Kemono Friends

If you are someone into anime series then we are pretty sure that you would have heard of this one. The Kemono friends is basically a story that revolves around a girl who gets lost in a huge safari park.

But this isn’t something where the girl gets surrounded by wild animals etc, in fact, she is quite safe here in the park and there are some animal friendly people who try to take care of this new visitor. It’s all about people and the girl herself trying to search for clues that tell of the origin from where she came.

3- Pokemon Sun & Moon

Who hasn’t heard of the Pokemon series? It’s just very obvious that if you want your kid to watch a good anime series then Pokemon Sun & Moon is what you need to show him/her.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Video game

It’s a great cute and peaceful series to show to your child, and there is no such thing as wild elements in this anime, so it’s completely safe and entertaining too.

4- Boku no Hero Academia

If you want to know about one of the best shounen anime then you have to watch Boku no Hero Academia for sure. Currently, it has its third season on air which is a good thing as your kid will have a lot of episodes to enjoy, and it will last for him for months.

The story basically revolves around a person named Izuku Midoriya who is living in a world where all the people have some kind of superpowers, but only he is the one with no power at all.

The anime shows how Izuku never loses the hope and he keeps trying to become a better person, and that’s when he meets his ideal the All-Might who then saves his life and becomes his mentor.


These are some of the best anime series for your kid to watch. There are plenty more that you can find on the internet but honestly, the ones we’ve mentioned are so far the best, and your kid will love them.

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