The Benefits Associated With Microsoft’s Newest SCCM for Windows 10

If you haven’t started using Windows 10 by now, you definitely should.  Not only is it the most updated version of Windows, it has a new system center configuration manager (SCCM) for helping you deploy Windows 10 in the way that best suits your individual needs.

System Center Configuration Manager

Today we are going to check out the main reasons you should be using Windows 10, as well as how the new SCCM just adds to the advantages Windows 10 brings it users.

Why You Should Use Windows 10

Upgrading to new Windows versions does not always mean you are going to get a better user experience (is anyone else still reeling from the Windows Vista update?!).

That said, Windows 10 has proven itself to be one of Microsoft’s best upgrades, and there are plenty of reasons why:

  • Speed.  Those that failed to make the jump to Windows 8 missed out on blazing fast startup speeds.  Those who haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 are missing even more.
  • Cortana.  Though not everyone is on board with talking technology, the truth is, Cortana is a cool feature that allows you to interact with your technology hands-free.
  • Universal Apps. One great thing about Windows 10 is the available app store, packed with reliable apps to help you streamline your workflow.
  • Microsoft Edge.  Now competing with the likes of Firefox, Chrome, and even IE, Microsoft Edge brings speed, compatibility, and security to your browser experience.
  • The Start Menu.  It’s there, it’s not, it’s back again.  While the Windows 10 start menu has a very different look and feel, it is there for those that love it.

As you can see, while nothing is ever going to be perfect or suit everyone 100%, Windows 10 has made strides when it comes to providing a better platform for people who enjoy Windows products.

The New System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager

Microsoft’s newest SCCM brings full support to the deployment, upgrade, and management of Windows 10.  In fact, it was released to handle all Windows 10 and Microsoft In tune updates quicker and more efficiently.

In addition, the new SCCM will simplify the Configuration Manager upgrade experience and make it easier for users to provide feedback to Microsoft developers so that future release improvements can be made.

The nice thing about the system center configuration manager is that it will work with all Windows 10 SCCM branches – Current Branch, Current Branch for Business, and Long-Term Servicing Branch.

  • Current Branch.  Receive in-console updates, especially those that deliver security and existing feature updates, interoperate with Microsoft Intune, migrate data, and even support installation as an evaluation edition.
  • Current Branch for Business. Similar to the Current Branch, CBB has a longer support life and a slower adoption timeline so Microsoft can make gradual changes as feedback rolls in.  That said, Microsoft’s recent re-branding efforts have combined the Current Branch and CBB into what is now called the Semi-Annual Channel.
  • Long-Term Servicing Branch.  Receive critical security fixes, include an installation option when your Configuration Manager rights have expired, and even convert to Current Branch when needed with the proper rights to do so.

In the end, Windows 10 is a very complex system that goes far beneath what the average user sees on their computer home screen on a regular basis.  In fact, it goes beyond start menus, touch screen technology, and universal apps.

That said, despite not understanding the technology below it all, using Microsoft Windows 10 is definitely worthwhile, even if you are just going to surf the internet and ask Cortana silly questions. 🙂

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