Becoming A Huge Success In Reselling VoIP: The 5 Biggest Marketing Secrets To Propel You To Great Heights In 2021

Have you ever thought about becoming a VoIP reseller? Great! It’s an up-and-coming market with a huge earning potential for those who know what they’re doing.

As you know VoIP has been around for nearly 30 years. But it’s only recently that it truly started to gain traction.

Yes, the technology was solid even before. However, the availability of a strong and stable internet connection got in the way of the popularization of tech during its early years.

Becoming A Huge Success In Reselling VoIP

The good news today is the conditions that prevented the wide commercial use of VoIP don’t exist today anymore. It’s so much easier and more affordable to obtain a high-quality internet connection today than it was even 10 years ago!

That’s why businesses of all sizes can now benefit from the power of VoIP in improving efficiency and dropping down costs.

But if you want to become successful in reselling, having an amazing product to sell won’t cut it. You also have to be an amazing seller. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.

Stick with a reliable provider

If you’re going to white-label, that will be representing your brand. And you don’t want to be associated with some shoddy product that doesn’t deliver on its promise.

That’s why it’s always best to stick with proven reliable providers like Betacompany to ensure that the clients you get later on will actually stay. It also helps that they have generous VoIP reseller programs that help you generate a healthy profit for every sale.

You may be thinking that this doesn’t sound like a marketing tip at all. But remember, business owners who buy VoIP systems won’t just terminate their subscriptions after a month.

Therefore, customer retention would rely mostly on the quality of service they’re getting. If you want to get the most ROI per customer closed, the smartest way to do so is by keeping them around.

If it works well for them, you’d also financially benefit from all upgrades they get.

Identify your target market

Does casting a wide net mean catching lots of fish? Yes, but you’re not a fisherman. And the market doesn’t act like this.

When you’re marketing, casting a wide net can have the opposite effect. Instead of generating more sales because you’re targeting everyone, you may close even fewer clients.

The truth is, doing market research on every segment of the clientele population is highly infeasible. And from the experience of various marketers throughout the years, you can’t run an effective campaign without thorough research.

So instead of trying to close every potential business owner who may need VoIP services, narrow your search and identify your target market.

Doing so would allow you to create a messaging that resonates with them, thus increasing the odds that they will buy from you.

With this, you’ll be able to create a marketing strategy that your chosen market will respond to.

Upsell to your current clients

When creating a marketing campaign, it also makes sense to upsell to your existing clients. Not only is it way cheaper because you already have their information, but they’re also more likely to buy from you again.

The trust has already been built when they first bought from you. And it doesn’t even matter how much or how little they spent in the first place. For as long as there’s money exchanged for the service the same rule applies.

Just make sure that the upgrade you’re offering them will actually help them. This will help maintain the trust and ensure that any future recommendations you have will be taken seriously.

Offer incentives

What if as part of your marketing campaign, you offer some form of discount or add-on for answering a survey?

This will help you collect more information from your market while also improving the odds that they will avail of your services.

Here’s why it can work: you’re showing deep interest in actually responding to their needs. By giving out their information, they’re expressing that they’re willing to trust you on some level.

And with the incentive offered when they sign up with you, you’re making the offer hard to resist.

Have a user-friendly and functioning website

You can’t sell an internet product without a website! That’s practically unheard of.

So be ready to create a website that potential clients will land to so they can learn more about you.

Also, make sure to pay attention to your “About Us” page because that’s the second most visited page on every site.

Becoming a reseller means that a lot (if not all) of your energy will be focused on marketing the product. So be amazing at that one thing, and success will surely find you!

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