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The last few years have witnessed a massive revolution in the automotive industry. With an increase in expendable income, people are preferring fancy luxury cars over regular cars. Eye-catching designs, comfort, looks and other better features have become the priority of people going to buy a vehicle.

B.Des Automobile and Transportation Design

The buying capacity of people has pushed billionaire businessman Elon Musk owned Tesla to roll out electric cars in India. The revolution is not limited to premium cars, but many companies that manufacture two-wheelers, three-wheelers, marine vessels, or aircraft also focus on designs and comfort.

The growing demand has presented a golden opportunity to aspiring students from diverse streams to choose B.Design in transportation for a rewarding career ahead.

The automotive industry focuses primarily on designing as it is one of the crucial factors behind the selling of any motor vehicle.

Automotive designers improve the models, styles, appearances and designs of automobiles keeping their impact on the environment in mind. Automotive designers work with engineers to ensure that all the functional traits are met without compromising the vehicle’s aesthetics.

B.Design in Transport: Course Overview

B.Design in Transport is a four-year full-time degree programme focusing on making students proficient in creating mobility solutions with distinct functions and social impact.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of the designing, styling, branding and safety of vehicles. This industry-focused programme provides better exposure of the automobile sector to students during the study.

B.Design in Transportation: Career opportunities

Automotive Concept Design

The primary role of these professionals is to design a motor vehicle that ensures client needs, environmental concerns, and economic factors in mind.

Automotive Accessories Design

These professionals design the products that enhance the motor vehicle’s look and make it more convenient for users. These accessories include a music system, navigation, airbag and dash camera, among various others.

Interior and Exterior Automotive Design

These professionals develop the visual appearance or aesthetics of a motor vehicle. Exterior designing includes the development of the proportions, shape and surface details of the automobile.

In interior designing, professionals are responsible for designing interiors of the vehicles such as the instrument panel, door trim panel, seats and comfort of passengers.

Motorcycle Design

A motorcycle is one of the convenient means of transportation. The comfort, features, looks, and designs of the motorcycle have been an attraction for many people. Professionals design motorcycles keeping the requirements of target customers in mind.

Public Transit Design

It is a system of large-scale public transportation in a given area, typically consisting of buses, subways, trains, metros.

To achieve holistic urban planning, incorporating transport infrastructure, public space and the behaviour of people in these space integrations of urban design and computer modelling is a way to provide qualitative and quantitative support to the planners.

Automotive Design Strategist

An automotive design strategist is a person who designs automobiles keeping the customers’ requirements in mind. Drawing skills are crucial in this profession.

These professionals make design strategies to make a motor vehicle look good while maintaining performance on priority.

Apply to the B.Design programme to explore a career in one of the largest industries by revenue worldwide.

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