Alternatives To College That Will Change Your Life

Once high school ends, comes the time when you have to take important career decisions. It is likely that whatever you decide then stays with you for the rest of your life. A wrong choice might not only lead to you being stuck in a college for 4 years, it can also drive you away from your passion or real ambition.

Time for change

For those who are inclined towards a particular field and decisive with their career choices, college is the right choice but for some, it might just be a waste of time and money. There are a lot of options for such people. History has ample examples of successful people who never went to college. Let’s look at some alternatives to college that will change your life.

1) Start a Business:

It is highly probable that after graduating from college, you would end up being an employee of an organization. But if you don’t want to be someone’s employee and also not attend college, you can be self-employed and start your own business. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Walt Disney include the list of people who never attended college, started their own business and were successful.

Starting a business requires capital but these days a computer and internet connection is good enough to start a business and earn money. You can prepare web content by yourself or hire authors to write custom essay papers for the website.

2) Take online or community classes:

One of the reasons why attending college is not a choice is financial limitations or time crunch. This can be tackled by attending online classes or community classes.

While these alternatives might not be as professional as a regular college, they would give you the required knowledge in a non-restricted fashion and also give you time to think on things and areas of your interest.

3) Become an artist:

If you have a passion for music, painting or other art forms, instead of attending a 4-year college, you can use that time to enhance your artistic skills.

You can follow established artists, polish your skills and earn with your performances or paintings. It might take some time to become famous and established to earn enough, but consistency and hard work will definitely make you successful.

4) Join military:

After school, you can join the military. Apart from offering a selfless service to the nation, there is a host of benefits you reap from getting into the military.

There are salary benefits which equals to what some people get after graduating from college. You will get free health care and enjoy a very low cost of living. You will also get retirement benefits and a chance to travel to various locations.

5) Get a job:

If you are confused about which path to tread on, you can simply start making money by getting a job. You can be an apprentice and get paid, get into a call center or BPO.

Other options are to work at gas stations, at restaurants or cafes. This would give you the time to think about your interests and future plans. Also, it will give you enough money in case you are thinking of starting a business or pursuing a vocational course later.

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  1. I like that you said that trade schools are a good alternative to college for those who want to work in a skilled career field. Which I am thinking.

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