Advantages of Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn with CallHippo

Regardless of your business size, you need to have a marketing program to expand the reach of your business amongst the crowd. It is a very common perception that marketing is all about corporate events and promotional activities.

Major Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

If you are an enterprise, you can afford all those big-budget events but it small-scale businesses struggle hard to meet the expenses. CallHippo affiliate program is a straightforward, cost-effective, and result-oriented marketing strategy.

The reliability of the affiliate marketing can be insinuated by the fact that 40% of marketers believe affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.

Pay-per-call affiliate marketing campaigns done with the help of virtual phone numbers has recorded a 10-15% conversion rate while the online conversion rate is only 2-3%.

From a close analysis of above-mentioned data, we can easily conclude that a virtual phone system and an affiliate marketing program are the two important pillars of any business’s marketing strategy.

Usually, there are three components of an affiliate marketing program: business, promoter, and customers. It renders more or less equal benefit to all these three components and ensures the maximum output with invested time and efforts.

To gain a detailed insight into the viability of an affiliate program, let’s ponder a little over its benefits.

Benefits for the businesses – Obviously, the chief component of an affiliate program is a business. From low-cost investment to highly diversified marketing strategy, affiliate marketing benefits businesses at multiple levels.

High returns at a minimum investment

In an affiliate marketing program, you will pay a certain percentage of commission to the marketer in lies of revenue generated through them. This percentage generally varies between 15-25%. For instance, in the case of CallHippo affiliate program, the percentage is 20%. The cost is of peanut’s size in comparison of high-valued promotional events.

Despite the low-cost investment, it gives high returns.  That is why more than 80% of brands worldwide decide upon affiliate marketing.

It is not at all risky

When you are throwing a high-valued marketing campaign, you are actually taking risks as you are not sure whether it will turn out to be as result-oriented as expected.

However, this is not the case with an affiliate program as you will pay only if revenue has been generated from the source else not.

This liberty is not available in any other form of marketing. In case of other marketing options, you usually invest first and then expect output.

In case of affiliate marketing program, the stress and onus come on the shoulders of the affiliates as they need to churn out the ways to fetch customers. Businesses can easily sit back and relax as it is a performance-based marketing program wherein the promoter will be benefited only if

It is highly diversified

The successful marketing strategy is one which targets the audience from all the directions. It should educate the audience about your product, it should lure them to buy, and it should provide honest reviews about the product as well.

All this can be done with the help of an affiliate program only as the promoters write product reviews, post discount coupons and write blogs mentioning the product specifications as well.

Benefits for the bloggers

Extra income

Who doesn’t mind to make some extra money while writing? If you are a blogger who loves to write about multiple products then affiliate marketing is a way that allows you to live your passion and earn simultaneously.

Earn Extra Income

If you collaborate with a business and generate any revenue then you can easily earn 20-25% of commission per sale of our virtual phone system related product. It is a great sum.

Extra database

When a customer buys a product from any site then he/she has to submit the email ID. As a part of the affiliate program, you will also automatically get all those leads.

This way, you will slowly and gradually create a huge database and can use them in the future to promote your own blog or website. You can send those emails about your next post or any other coupon codes.

Benefits for customers

A detailed overview of the product

Buyers these days are quite smart and can’t be fooled. They do extensive market research before buying any product. With blogs on the product specification, reviews and how to use, they can easily make out the worthiness of the product.

A cost-effective deal

A good number of bloggers use discount coupons as a part of their affiliate marketing strategy. Though it helps them to grab the attention of the customers, the real beneficiaries of this tactic are customers only.  By availing this service, the customer can actually save a huge sum on each purchase.

When done diligently, a well-planned affiliate marketing program like Call Hippo affiliate program can easily help you to expand your business in every nook and corner of the world.

With its implementation, your revenue, database, and customer base will increase exponentially. To deal with this, have a virtual phone number by your side and enjoy a flourishing business.

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