5 Tips to Betting On Cricket

Is it possible to consistently place winning bets on cricket games? Many a time a gambler asks himself this question. The key to placing value bets is by developing a variety of betting strategies. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to analyze upcoming matches, and it doesn’t matter the cricket format you bet on.

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Read on to familiarize yourself with the 5 tips to successful cricket betting.

1. Research on the weather conditions      

We’ll start with the uncontrollable – the elements. No other sport is affected by weather/playing conditions as much as cricket. Anybody who bets cricket games knows that over the course of a game it’s essential to assess whether rains will impact on the play.

Naturally, lots of rains during a Test match translates to a draw on most occasions as play will be limited. Over the course of a 5-day Test match, you may anticipate rain, however, research on the location and venue to evaluate the extent to which play would be lost.

Recall that in individual countries the sun sets earlier than in others signifying making up for lost overs is difficult. A Test match that experiences lost hours in Sri Lanka as a result of rain will find it difficult to compensate the time that in England where play can continue to 8 pm and with enough sunshine.

2. Research on the venue and the pitch

You need to anticipate what a particular venue might serve in regards to pitch conditions. Together with weather and type of match, betting odds are determined by the playing surface.

No two pitches remain the same year-on-year; however, certain wickets play in a certain way due to the grass or soil type, therefore, making it difficult for the groundsmen to change the pitch.

A traditionally slow ground such as Adelaide makes batting easy during a Test match while other grounds such as WACA in Perth offer a steep bounce, making it ideal for the faster bowlers.

Additionally, we suggest reading cricket tipsters to spot trends such as venues that tend to have low scores or high scores.

3. Scrutinize long-term form

Test cricket is one of the longest-running sport; therefore, there’s a heritage and history of the game. On face value, this may seem insignificant from a gamblers’ perspective, but think about this for a minute: the more that’s written about the sport, the more you can learn of a team’s performance over a long time. History aids in working out future results in test matches or series.

Possibly more than any other global game, cricket piles pressure on players to live up to past and recent expectations. Whenever India plays Aussie in a test series, previous results affect the outcome of the series. Over a five day period, a psychological advantage may arise resulting from winning past meetings or having mentally tougher players.

3. Analyze team news thoroughly

You might notice one team boss another through a series, but things may change in the absence or presence of one or two crucial players. Team analysis isn’t just about following the picked team but understanding how selection affects team performance. For instance, when a team’s leading bowler or batsman is out as a result of injury, you’ll alter your betting pattern accordingly.

4. Take advantage of superior knowledge

If you know everything about batting conditions in Brisbane or a new batsman who joined the England team, don’t hesitate to capitalize on such knowledge.

5. Watch out for unusual pitches

Certain pitches are daunting for particular teams. England for a long time labored on tours to Pakistan and India because their pitches are more favorable to spin. In recent times, however, after hiring a spin coach the team’s performance improved while dealing with slower bowling.

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