Android Keeps Getting Better for Gamers: 3 Games You’ll Want to Check Out for Hours of Fun

Playing games on your Android smart device can be a great way to kill some time. For certain types of games, it can be even better than trying to play them on a desktop device, because mobile smart devices are much more portable and allow you to enjoy your favorite games while on the go. So which are the top 3 Android games you definitely need to check out as soon as possible?

Top 3 Best Games for Android Device


If you like fantasy card games, you should try Hearthstone as soon as you get the chance. Currently being one of the most popular online card games, it’s designed in a way that it effectively does away with unnecessarily complicated rules without dumbing down the gameplay. You still have to make deep strategic decisions, but the rules of the game are very simple to grasp.

The main goal is to out-think your opponent and reduce his life total to 0. In essence, the game allows you to build custom decks with which you can battle your friends (or random opponents the game selects for you). And best of all? It’s entirely free to play, and by putting in some time, you can unlock all of the cards without paying a dime. However, if you’d like to speed up the process, you can always purchase cards inside the game.


Minecraft Games

Minecraft was designed to please the creative demographic of gamers of all ages. Without writing an entire novel about it, the game basically puts you in a huge world you can freely explore, mine various different materials, then use them to construct custom objects. If you’d like to experience some thrill, why not try the survival mode?

You can even use the Android client to play with your friends who have the PC version of the game – how cool is that? To top it off, Minecraft is entirely free to play, although you will stumble across occasional in-app purchases. That being said, they are mostly of cosmetic nature and aren’t essential to have, since they don’t have any kind of impact on the gameplay whatsoever.

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 is finally out for Android, and you can now participate in the epic adventures of your favorite Final Fantasy heroes on your smartphone. Do you want to build your own kingdom while playing with powerful magic together with your friends? Now’s the time to do so.

The game is best suited for those who like the social aspect of fantasy video games, so team up with your friends or join a guild to dominate the realm and defeat your enemies. You will be fighting real-time, action-packed battles and only the most clever and dedicated will be able to rise to the top.

Are you ready to enter this magical world of fantasy and dominate your foes?


Android smart devices are now strong enough to be able to run the most popular games without introducing slowdown or having to make compromises in the graphics department. If your phone is not much older than a couple of years, what’s stopping you from jumping straight into the action?

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